Thursday, March 31, 2011

First trip the ER

We celebrated Hawkins' 8 month birthday in the Emergency Room after he took a little spill off our bed and hit his head on the (carpeted) floor. Yikes! Yes, Robbie and I do know better than to leave him on the bed unattended, but the little guy moves SO FAST!

It was super scary, but after few minutes he seemed fine...we debated and decided we better be safe than sorry and get him checked out. On the way to the ER I told Robbie this would be one of the benefits of living in a small town and surely the ER would not be crowded on a Wednesday night in Thomasville, right? WRONG!

It was more crowded than Hole in the Wall on a Saturday night. Seriously.

We checked in and began waiting. Then Hawkins decided to perk up and started waving and talking to every creepy person in the waiting room. We got his vitals checked and decided not to wait the 4+ hours to see a real doctor - got him home and kept him up for awhile to monitor him and then put the little guy to sleep around 9pm. Our eyes were glued to the monitor all night and we woke up a few times letting us know he was ok.

Today he is back to his old self (not taking naps) and playing like he will never get hurt!

Lord, thank you for sheltering our precious son and keeping him safe. In your hands I know and trust that he is protected.

We learn these valuble lessons every day and they teach us how to be better parents. I am so glad you are ok, Hawkins!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rainy, week

This type of weather is just perfect for the way we (Hawkins and me) feel at the Raybon household. Gloomy and good all-day PJ weather. If you saw us at Publix today you might have been scared. I haven't washed my hair or even thought about make-up in a few days, so I am a frightening sight. The bad news is that I feel worse than I look. Ugh. I went to a wonderful walk-in doctor place on Monday and got some medicine for myself. No fever or infection - just sinus pain/pressure, HORRIBLE cough, sneezing, pressure in my ears and did I mention cough? I have a headache at the end of each day from coughing so hard. The good news is the coughs are working my ab muscles that are still jello from having a baby, so it's like I'm getting a workout :) And I have no appetite so maybe I will drop a few pounds?? One can only hope. Anyway, on a brighter note, we got out for a short walk today to get some fresh air and loved it. It was overcast, but had a nice chill in the air. I am making a new recipe tonight for my sweet husband who is doing an excellent job of taking care of his family. He is bathing our sweet boy right is night time bottle for H, then our dinner, then bedtime for us! What a wild night!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bubble gum medicine

Hawkins has his first ear infection! We have been so lucky the past 8 months - he has only had 2 little colds so far (thank you breastmilk). I have noticed him rubbing his ear the past week or so, but he seemed totally fine. Then he woke up Friday morning with a terrible rattly cough and stuffy nose. We were in Americus so we went to the doctors office here and they diagnosed him with an yucky ear infection! He is taking his first round of antibiotics - pink bubblegum flavored amoxicilian. You would think he would enjoy bubble gum flavored medicine, but it took 3 adults to get it down his throat! I have never seen him wriggle and squirm like that! Robbie and I were going through Americus to drop Hawkins off so that we could head to Atlanta to visit Bryan. After hearing our poor baby cough and be in pain we just could not leave him. It proved to be a good decision b/c I got really sick as the day went on Saturday. I am so glad we did not go around Bryan b/c his immune system is very compromised right now. Now I have a full blown cold plus junk in my chest, etc. Sick Mommy + sick baby = no fun! Hawkins has been so sweet though. He has slept through the night and only been mildly fussy. Such an angel. His Mommy is the one who won't stop complaining about her symptoms :) Pray for a fast recovery in our household!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

7 month photo shoot

Here is Hawkins' 7 month slideshow:

Turn up your volume and enjoy!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011


I feel like I have a different baby on my hands. He is not even a baby anymore - he is a big boy! Hawkins is going through so many changes right now he seems troubled by them. He is not napping well and has been fussy.

He has learned how to pull up in his crib and his latest thing is to pull up and scream scream scream. At first I went in and tried to help him get down and get to sleep, but I have had to resort to letting him cry it out today. Man, it has been a long day and it is only 2pm.

After 30 minutes of standing up crying and refusing to stay in his crib - his morning nap ended with him sleeping in my arms. He was so tired and cranky for his afternoon nap I just knew he would go right to sleep and not play any games. I was wrong. He stood up and cried for 20 minutes before passing out. It was so hard, but I just have to let him figure out this new trick and learn how to get himself down and fall asleep. I cannot rock him or hold him for all his naps!

Parenting is hard. Just when you think you have a good schedule going he learns something new or goes through a growth spurt and throws everything off. Life is an adjustment. He is such a sweet baby, but overwhelmed by all that he is learning to do recently. Pics to come of him practicing standing up!

Recent pictures

Hawkins and Miller Anne had lunch while we were in Americus last week.
They love each other!
Hawkins playing outside at Honey's house

Pulling up and ready for bath time!

Pulling up video!

This is fun except when he does it during naps!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pulling up!

Well, Hawkins did great with the time change last night. We put him to bed at 7:30pm (new time), but his body thought it was 6:30pm. I was worried to death that we wouldn't sleep, but he was passed out until 7am this morning. He has an awesome internal clock!

I, on the other hand, did not have a restful night sleep. I don't know if it was the time change, the flu or my body getting rid of the all the wine I drank Saturday night, but I could NOT sleep. I laid there wide awake my mind racing 90 miles an hour. I hate that. It is so lonely and dark in the middle of the night when you know you should be getting much needed rest.

2 hours later I was achy all over and had chills. I literally could not stop shivering in our warm bedroom. Robbie was about to load me up and take me to the ER when I gave in at midnight and took an Advil PM. It did it's job and helped me sleep the rest of the night, but I am not 100% today. Is it the flu or a virus? I still don't know...

We had already planned to make a trip to Americus to see Honey and Big Daddy, so I drank my coffee and made the 2 hour drive very carefully. I was a little scared to drive, but we made it ok.

Hawkins has been playing happily when his Honey all day and decided to show off.

He PULLED UP to his feet several times today! I am in shock. It is all happening so fast! First sitting up, then crawling and now pulling up...I hope walking does not too soon follow.

I forgot my camera, but I will post pics soon...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend recap and time change

If you know me then you know I love to fill up our calendar and take trips every weekend to visit family and friends - but nothing beats a relaxing weekend at home with my family of three.

We have spent the past few weekends in town and it is so wonderful not to have to pack up and drive anywhere. I love spending time with Robbie and Hawkins playing in our yard. The weather has been so nice to be outside. Robbie hung Hawkins' swing and he loves it!

Last night we went to the Brookwood auction that was held at Glen Arven. (Brookwood is the private school in Thomasville.) We started out the night at a friend's house for cocktails and then went to the auction with a small group. It was so much fun! I realized that I have never been to an auction before. We had our eye on a Penley painting and a few other trips and parties, but got outbid each time. The bids started getting higher and higher as everyone kept drinking wine!

Today was slow and relaxing - just the way I like it. Robbie did some work in the yard and we played outside most of the afternoon. And I made cheesestraws - a very productive day!

I don't know what to think about the time change yet...the Raybons were on the old time all day. How do you tell a 7 month old that his schedule is supposed to move one hour ahead? Oh well, we will get the hang of it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So...last Tuesday night after bath time Hawkins rolled over and crawled to his brush (that he wanted to put straight in his mouth). Yes, that's right - he put one knee in front of the other and pushed with his hands and crawled. Robbie and I sat there dumbfounded just staring. Luckily Robbie thought to grab the Flip camera and took a video that I posted here.

Well, he has not stopped crawling since then. We have been practicing and he is getting faster and faster. He loves being on the floor and being free to go anywhere he wants. It gives new meaning to keeping your floors clean. His white PJs were black in the knees after playtime today.

He LOVES to crawl in his closet when we are playing in his room and find his extra diapers. I guess it proves he already has a memory b/c he does it day after day.

Life has indeed changed in the past 7 days, but I have to admit that it is fun. I put Hawkins down and he just plays around and goes where he wants. I have not technically babyproofed our house yet, but there it not too much he can get into that would hurt him - and I am always a step behind him just in case.

Any tips on babyproofing? I guess I need to get some cabinet locks.

Ok, I guess I need to go mop the floor now.

Hawkins, please wait a few months before you start walking!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

7 Months!

Hawkins is 7 months old!
These monthly posts are coming way too quickly. Didn't I just do his 6 month post? I guess time flies when you are having fun. Every parent says each new stage is more fun than the last, but I never believed them. I LOVE babies and always thought I would be sad when Hawkins got bigger and started moving around on his own. I was wrong! Each day bring new tricks and it is so much fun.

I will admit that we stayed in the house alot during Hawkins' first 5 or 6 months. I have struggled to find my place in a new town and learn the ropes of being a new parent. Boy have things changed during the past month! We are on the go and out all the time! Hawkins has started going to MMO and the nursery at the YMCA. I hate to throw him around to different nurseries, but he has done pretty well and Mommy needs some time to herself sometimes.

Don't worry - we still spend alot of quality time together.

Hawkins, here is what you are doing at 7 months:

-Your greatest accomplishment is that you learned to crawl! Tuesday night (March 1st) after bath time you flipped over on the floor and took off crawling for your brush. Daddy and I just sat there with our mouths open and luckily Daddy thought to run grab the video camera to capture the moment.

-The very same day your first tooth broke through! It is hard to see in your little mouth, but it is your bottom left tooth. You have been fussy lately too, so teething is setting in!

You are reaching for everything - including Mommy and Daddy! I truly love this. It melts my heart when you lift up your little hands to me. In the morning when Daddy goes to wake you up, you cry for me b/c you know how you will get fed :) If you are on the floor you reach up your arm and it is the cutest thing.

-Daddy put your swing (that Aunt Katie and Uncle Crisp gave you for Christmas) up in the yard. You went swinging for the first time yesterday and loved it!

-You started swimming lessons at the YMCA. You cried a little at first, but quickly turned into a little fish! We go Tuesday and Thursdays for a month. You aren't actually learning to swim, but the idea is to get you used to the water and trust adults in the water. You are doing great so far!

-You are in size 3 diapers and 6 month clothes.

-I nurse you twice a day and you take a bottle twice a day. I don't want to give up nursing altogether, but dropping the 11am feeding has been very freeing. We can be out and about and I don't have to worry about pumping or nursing. It was been wonderful.

-We have our little routine in our household and it is working great for everyone. Daddy helps me so much and I really appreciate him. I don't think any other Daddy does as much as he does! He goes to get you when you wake up in the morning and puts you to bed every night! What a good Daddy!

-You have become quite a handful as you are awake more and on the go. It is so much fun, but it is exhausting! By the end of the day I am worn out and my back has been hurting from carrying you around.

-Who knew Robbie and I would produce a blond haired-blue eyed baby? When you were in the womb I prayed you would have blond hair (and be healthy of course) and my prayers are being answered! You started out a little darker and then had a hint of red, but you are getting lighter and lighter by the day. And your eyes - man, they are beautiful. So big and blue.

-No words yet! We practice by saying Dada and Mama and baba all the time, but nothing yet.

-You still don't love being in the car. If we are going to Publix or just around town you are generally good, but somehow you know when we are going on a road trip and cry the whole way. On Saturday we made the trek 20 minutes away to Target and you screamed the entire way home. We need to invest in a car DVD player soon!
Proof you are crawling!

-You were Christened in our church and welcomed into the House of God a couple of weeks ago. It was such a special day and you were so handsome in your gown.

Hawkins, you are such a joy to be around and I am so glad I stay home with you. I could not imagine being way from you and missing all of your "firsts". I told Robbie yesterday I could not imagine anything more fun than having a child and watching them grow up. Cheesy, but true.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Why won't my child take a long nap? Or even a semi-long nap...?

Hawkins sleeps 11 hours a night so I know I cannot complain about sleep, but I need a little break during the day to recharge and get just a few things done with 2 hands. He goes down for a nap at 9am and 1pm and might take a cat nap at 5pm.

Actually all his naps have turned into cat naps. He will sleep the longest during that morning nap - maybe 45 minutes or an hour. Once or twice he has slept and hour and half, and it was amazing. Most days he sleeps 30 minutes though. Then he is cranky and sleepy all morning until his next nap at 1pm. Then he might sleep another 45 minutes or an hour.

We have been "transitioning" Hawkins to sleep in his crib for naps from his swing. I wanted to write a post on this, but I can't remember if I ever did...

He has always slept in his crib at night, but I allowed him to take all naps in his swing since he was about 3 months old b/c he just slept so much better in the swing. He would sleep 2 hour stretches EVERY nap! Who wouldn't encourage that?? Well, then Hawkins got to be 5 months old. I realized that he was about to grow out of the swing and this habit was not conducive to traveling anywhere we could not take his swing.

So, when we returned from Christmas vacation we started practicing. It took a full month (a long exhausting depressing month) to even get him used to the idea of napping in his crib, but he would finally fall asleep when I put him down. Now, another month gone by and he is doing much better. He goes right to sleep for both naps, but maybe it will take longer for him to really get used to sleeping longer stretches...???

Pray for us :)

Any tips for making babies take longer naps??