Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas Day

For the second year in a row we have spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at home in Albany with our little family of two.  The moments are so sweet, and we love creating memories together.  

We went to the 6pm Christmas Eve service at our church and then came home for a quick dinner and bed time!  

I just love this Fisher Price "Little People" nativity that is just for toddlers!

Santa came!  He really loves cookies and milk. 

Gates woke up right around 7am and we had to wake Hawkins up at 7:15 so they could go open presents together!  They were so excited to see their toys!

All Gates wanted from Santa was a "real" hammer.  He was pretty excited!  
*Until a couple of hours later when he hit Hawkins on the head with hit and it got taken away :(

His blankie and his hammer - his 2 favorite things!

2 basketballs!

Gates loves to clean so he got a cleaning set of his own!

Hawkins got a remote control car!

We played with toys and then packed up and arrived at Honey's house right before lunch.  Hawkins was surprised with his gift from Honey and Big Daddy - a new riding toy.  He calls it his ATV.  

Honey always goes all out decorated tables for Christmas lunch!

My Dad reads the story of Jesus' birth every year before lunch. 

Dad loves this shampoo that is at Pinion Point and Robbie found him a big bottle of it!

Dad even wrapped his himself for Mom!

Friday, January 2, 2015


I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for the first time this year!  My Aunt Linda usually hosts in Newnan because my 90 year old grandmother also lives in there and it's easier for her.  Dee gave us the go ahead that she would be willing to travel to Albany for the day - so here is my first big holiday in my home!  

I immediately began thinking of how I would decorate!  Luckily, I was not in charge of much food since everyone bring something and we always have the same menu :) More on that later.  

I found a picture of a similar center arrangement on Pinterest by James Farmer (my fav!).  It has stuck in my head ever since and I knew I just had to recreate it for my table.  I am so in love with the way it turned out.

I used pumpkins that I already had on my front porch from Halloween and added pinecones, a mixture of pecans and walnuts, magnolia leaves and deer antlers.  

The kids table did not get much decor, but I did love this little arrangement.  

I asked a (talented) friend to come help me with flowers and we had so much fun!  She taught me how to use stuff right from my hard!  And some things from the grocery store too!

Our menu:  Turkey, ham, dressing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, wild rice and sausage casserole, zipper peas, and rolls.  We were in charge of the turkey and rolls…and getting our house ready of course - the hardest part!

Robbie got up in the middle of the night to grill the turkey.  It turned out fantastic!

I also got this cute place card idea from Pinterest! 

I just love these handprint turkeys made by the boys.  
Hawkins' is from last year and Gates' is from this year.  

I was super excited to use my china and crystal.  
It is a lot of hand washing, but worth it b/c it never gets used!  

Leola and Marilyn's famous dressing!

Fleming and Hawkins

I am so glad we got this group shot.  In attendance were my immediate family, my parents, my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bo and their daughter Shrader, my grandmother Dee, my sister Virginia, my brother Crisp and his family.