Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This and that...

I haven't done much general updating on this blog except for pictures and posts that are way behind.

I want to document this sweet and awesome place our family is in right now.  My sweet Gates is 15 months old and his personality is shining.  He went from walking to running and loves keeping up with his brother.  Gates loves his blankie and paci and hates getting his diaper changed or being in his highchair.  He has his bottom molars coming through so he is a fussy mess and has not been eating much.  He still takes 2 bottles a day and his Mama could care less :)

Hawkins is 3.5 years old and most of the time is Mommy's little helper.  He can do just about anything for himself and really is a help to me unless he is having a "three year old moment".  He does have a very strong persistent personality :)  He is so sweet and loves his Mommy, but the boy wants what he wants when he wants it.  And if not, he will pitch the fit of all fits.  Right now he loves rescue bots (Transformers), Jake, his Leappad and Disney movies.  Mommy has had more fun with the Disney movies than him :)

Both boys are at a great stage right now and we are loving it.  I am not afraid to admit that I'm not very good at the newborn stage.  The crying and the waking up all night and the feeding every few hours.  I'm better at the playing outside when we can all play together and the sleeping all night :)   And long naps :)  When I have a baby I feel like I need to stay home all day and with toddlers I can get out and do more.  Go to the Riverquarium, the playground, the YMCA, etc etc etc.  Mama needs to get out of the house for my sanity!

My boys are great car riders right now.  Hawkins will watch a movie until the cows come home and Gates sort of watches, but mostly sucks his paci and hangs out.

The latest major change in our household is that Hawkins has dropped his nap.  This. is. major.  It was not planned…it just sort of happened.  We went to Atlanta for a few days and he didn't nap the whole time and when we got back he just stopped napping.  It got to the point where if he napped he would not go to sleep until 9pm or later and that was just not fun.  I am trying to implement "rest time" in his room.  I let him take his leap pad and he has to stay quiet in his bed until I come get him he starts yelling for me.  He will stay in there for about 45 minutes before he starts calling me.  Gates is also staring to drop his morning nap, so we are in major transition right now!

Raybon family Christmas

Grandpa and Grandmomma Raybon came to celebrate the week before Christmas.   

The boys loved celebrating Christmas early and getting to open some presents!

Hawkins even let Gates open one of his own :)

Jake was a favorite this year

And Rescue Bots

We "facetimed" with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Adam while we opened presents.  We are so lucky to have such sweet and fun family!  We had a weekend of baking gingerbread cookies, presents, and celebrating.