Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am way behind….

I love having this little blog to document our family happening, but I have been slack on updating!

Here is a start on what we did in December…I still have more pics to download!  

Picked out a Christmas tree!  

This is the only picture of our family of 4 in December…how did that happen? 

This was a Sunday afternoon when we baked and decorated gingerbread houses.  
I will cherish these memories with my children forever 

Rolling out the gingerbread cookie dough!

Cutting them out

We took a trip to Atlanta to see a Disney play!  Jake and Sophia

Here is Hawkins in front of all the loot that he wanted!  Ha! 

More pics to come...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Here is our first Christmas tree in Albany!  

Decorating our tree always brings back memories from my childhood.  My Mom did a great job collecting and storing my old ornaments all the way back from when I was born!  Cheap ones I made at school or nice ones I received as presents - they are all there!  She has given me some of these over the years to fill my own tree, and of course I have started the same collection for my little family.  I have ones from when Robbie and I first got married and then for each of our children.  

Here is Hawkins' "Big Brother" ornament next to one for Gates from last year

Hawkins' made this handprint one last year when he was two

I had them make this one at the Clay Spot this year with Gates' handprint on one side and Hawkins' on the other.  These are my favorite!

Katie gave us this 2 years ago when we found out Gates was a boy!

Here is one of me when I was a little girl!

And another of Gates...