Saturday, October 20, 2012


-Baby Raybon's birthday has been set!  He will arrive in 3 weeks - wow, time has flown by.  I am SO excited (and nervous) for his arrival.

-I have "extreme nesting syndrome".  I seriously cannot stop washing baby clothes, packing my hospital bag, organizing baby clothes, finding all of Hawkins old baby stuff, etc etc etc.  I will be about to pass out at night I am so tired, but I can't stop organizing!

-Hawkins has had a rough time at school, so he has stayed home with me most of the last week.  He got bitten for the THIRD time last week and I have not been impressed with the behavior of the other kids in his class...and several illness have been going around.  We have had fun, but he is a handful for a 36 week pregnant woman to take care of.  He went back today and I pray that things go well.  I need somewhere for him to go when this baby comes!

-I love the month of October.  Cooler weather appears (sometimes) and I just love to decorate with pumpkins and all things fall.

-I am really nervous about bringing home a baby to a house with 4 dogs.  So many dogs and so much dog hair - and no where to sit b/c they take every seat in the house!

-I am officially uncomfortable.  This baby has dropped and he might fall out at any second.  Waddling has started and I think I have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  Fun stuff.  I have also stopped sleeping well at night.  I can barely roll myself out of bed for those bathroom visits!

-It was so nice and cool this morning and I loved every second.  I am not nearly as swollen as I was with Hawkins (having him in July).  I am swollen - just not as bad.  

We can't wait to meet you, Baby Gates!