Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Third Trimester

I have been so busy moving and unpacking I have failed to do a pregnancy post lately! I am 34 weeks pregnant and feeling the weight of this little guy more and more every day. He is big! His movements are getting stronger and some even hurt! It is really really hot ouside. I try to stay indoors as much as possible, but I have to venture out sometimes in this new town of mine! I am still walking for exercise, but I keep it on the treadmill at the YMCA - did I mention that I love the YMCA? I am really behind on belly pictures...I will try to remember to get Robbie to take one this weekend.

Now for some fun lists:

Things not to do when you are 8 months pregnant:

-live in South Georgia
-just kidding, but seriously don't even attempt to go outside during the middle of the day or your hands might burst b/c they are so swollen
-watch the TV show "I didn't know I was pregnant" - that show is really scary and weird
-watch the TV show "A Baby Story" - you are pretty much guaranteed to cry
-attempt to wear your weddings rings b/c of said swollen hands or anything other than flip flops b/c of swollen feet
-research labor and delivery on the internet - there are some really sad and scary stories on the world wide web
-attempt to wear anything that is non-maternity no matter how "big and blousy" it appears on the hanger
-attempt to wear anything maternity that you wore in your first or even second trimester...did I mention how big my belly is?

Things not to say to an 8 month pregnant woman:

-"Do you really need that second bowl of ice cream?"
-"What have you been doing all day?"
-"What have you eaten today?"
-"Wow, you sure are using alot of toilet paper!"
-"You better go get your new driver's license picture taken before you really blow up!"....sweet huh?

Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally settled!!

This is our new house!!!

We closed on Friday and wasted no time moving in directly after. My sweet parents stayed with us all weekend and helped unpack boxes since I was of little help with a couple of basketballs in the front of my shirt. Here we are exhausted and sweaty Friday night.
Family shot on our front steps

Our spacious and wonderful living room
Love having book shelves!
Breakfast area

The amazing kitchen - I have never imagined so much space!
Thank you Mom for helping me get it organized and unpacked. There are cabinets even I was not able to fill!

The back porch! We will spent many nights cooking out back here! The dogs love it!

We have a ways to go to be completely settled, but I am amazed at how far we got in one weekend. The nursery is up next!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving Day and Profile Picture

Tomorrow is MOVING DAY!!! I could not be more excited about getting settled into our new house! Our boxes are packed, and I am counting down the hours until we close on the house and the moving truck arrives. This time tomorrow I will be relaxing in our new house.

We had a little scare yesterday with our baby boy. I had a doctor appointment and had to take a "non-stress test". His heart rate was not reacting the way the doctor wanted it to, so I had to go to the hospital to do an ultrasound. Everything ended up being ok and we think he may have just been napping. He weighs 4 lbs 10 oz already and is measuring 2 weeks ahead! I don't know if that means he will come early or not....we will have to wait and see.

Now here is a good way to end the week. I have been wanting this profile shot if him the entire pregnancy and he would never cooperate until yesterday! Enjoy! He looks really cute :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


My husband turns 29 today, so here are 29 reasons why I love him:
(warning: this might be cheesy, but I blame it on the pregnancy hormones)

1. Because he is working away while I am at the beach relaxing and growing our baby :)

2. Because he still wants to sleep in the bed with me even though I snore (apparently pretty bad) and take up the whole bed using 4 pillows to get comfortable.

3. He thinks I am the prettiest with no make up on.

4. When I am not looking he organizes the refrigerator and puts all the labels facing forward.

5. When he talks to our baby in my belly he teaches him his multiplication tables. He might be the smartest kid to come out of the womb.

6. When we go on a trip he packs the car the night before so we can leave at the crack of dawn.

7. Because he is decisive and I am not.

8. He thinks I am the prettiest girl in the world even with scars from skin cancer all over my body.

9. Because he makes an excel spreadsheet for everything and it is awesome.

10. Because he is the most selfless and generous person I have ever met and has taught me more in the past 2 1/2 years than I have learned in my whole life.

11. Because he was able to tame the spending habits of the biggest shopaholic that I know - ME.

12. He always knows the answers to silly questions that I ask him.

13. He chauffeurs me around and never lets me drive. That may or may not be because I am the worst driver in the world.

14. He is taking care of our puppies - especially Lady who just had surgery - while I am at the beach :)

15. Because he is going to be the BEST Daddy in the world.

16. Because he loves to surprise me and I am the hardest person in the world to surprise.

17. Because he takes my car to put gas in it so that I don't have to do it.

18. How tan he gets in one afternoon in the sun.

19. He loves to cook and is really a better cook than me, but he won't admit it.

20. Because he would drop anything and go anywhere for a friend that needed his help.

21. Because he brings all the groceries in in one trip no matter how many groceries there are.

22. Because he gets up every morning and let the puppies out and feeds them while I sleep.

23. He listens when I casually mention something I want and is the BEST gift giver ever.

24. He is super smart.

25. He can work on a computer all day and never touch the mouse. I make fun of him for it, but I secretly think it's really cool.

26. He goes to Lowe's once a week just out of principle.

27. Because I have gained 30 pounds during this pregnancy but he thinks I am beautiful anyway.

28. Because he tells his son "Good morning" and "Good night" every day!

29. He has made all my dreams come true. I am married, live in South Georgia and we are having a baby! What more could I ask for??

I love you, Robbie!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Baby Raybon and I have been on a much needed vacation in St. Simons for the past week. I can't believe it's been a week since I left home. It feels like 2 days...maybe. I am soooo lucky to be a "stay at home Mom" and be able to enjoy this vacation! Thank you Robbie!

My Mom and I came first and then the whole crowd - Dad, Virginia, Robbie, Crisp and Katie - came for the long weekend! We had great weather and enjoyed a relaxing weekend. We celebrated Robbie and my Dad's birthday, which are this week.

I am getting bigger and bigger and hit the 30 week mark! I can't believe there are only 10 short weeks until I meet my son! We have been eating alot here at the beach, so I have been balancing it out walking on the treadmill every day. I am so lucky to feel good and continue working out. We really haven't done much - our routine consists of sleeping, eating, working out and getting in the pool...and then eating again! Here are a few pictures:

Dad and Mom

Celebrating Robbie and Dad's birthdays! Just one day apart.

Robbie's new boots!

Posing in the new boots

Katie and Crisp

Me and Robbie

Katie, me and Virginia

The Tory Burch girls! We had to take a picture :)

The best part is that we move into our NEW house when I get home!!!!!!