Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Man oh man. I have neglected this little blog of mine! A lot has been going on in the Raybon household. In fact, the same type of activity that happened in our lives exactly 2 years ago.

Robbie has accepted a new job, and we are moving!

The job is in Cordele, Ga, which is 30 minutes away from Americus, so we are moving back to my home town! We are very excited about this job opportunity for Robbie, but a little sad to be leaving Thomasville. I have really mixed feelings. Of course I an ecstatic about moving back to the town I grew up in and being super close to my parents, but I am a little sad about leaving our still new town of Thomasville...leaving my doctors, friends, and life here. I think moving and starting over is just always hard.

It will be so much fun to be right next to my parents and there are some cute young people in Americus too. I think we will be really happy there.

Now on the task of selling our house. Gosh, I just love our house. I love being on one story, I love the privacy of the yard, I love my big bathroom, closet and kitchen. I will miss it alot. It is now officially on the market and keeping it clean and leaving so it can be shown is way harder with a toddler!

This is once again a life lesson and we trust God completely with his plan for our lives. I hate that it includes packing up our house again though! If anyone wants to come pack some boxes just let me know :)