Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Thankful

It seems I forgot some very important people in my last post to be thankful for!  My parents!  

We are currently living with them...yes, living under one roof with 2 children.  Just call us the Waltons.

 They have been so accommodating and have helped me SO much as I have made this transition from one to two children.  I could not have done it without them.

Thank you Mom and Dad - I am thankful for YOU!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


People have been posting daily on Facebook in the month of November about what they are thankful for.  This year I can answer that in just a few words.  

These sweet boys are at the top of my list!

I am so thankful that God allowed me to be the Mother of two perfect sons.  I think every day how lucky Robbie and I are to have 2 healthy children.

I am thankful that Gates sleeps long stretches at night 
(even though it takes HOURS to get him to sleep!)

I still sometimes can believe that we are a family of four! wow!
I am SO thankful to have such a loving and supportive husband.  He is the best Daddy to our little boys.  I could not ask for more.

I am thankful that Hawkins has been so sweet to his little brother and only wants to hold him and kiss him.
I am sure this will change as the years go by :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 2

It's hard to blog when all I have to talk about is a newborn's sleep, eating and poop schedule.  Robbie called me at lunch today to check in and I literally had nothing to say.  "Gates took a good nap, but spit up everything he had eaten after one feeding.  I got in a nap too..that's about it."  Nothing exciting to report.  

Hawkins did have a GREAT time in Atlanta last week though!  He went to see Santa at Phipps, ride the Pink Pig, go to the zoo and the park.  It was a serious vacation!

He really really loved "HO HO".  
Especially after HO HO gave him a candy cane.  

Honey, Robbie, Gates and I stayed in Americus and just hung out.  We took naps and got to know each other.  (and Robbie was happy to go back to work!)

Hawkins was glad to see his little brother when he got back!  I love this pic.

Saturday Hawkins went quail hunting with the boys and was not scared in the least to hold this dead quail!  

 Here is Honey and Big Daddy with their 2 boys and Molly of course.

This picture is just hilarious.  Robbie had to wake Hawkins up to go hunting and this is what he found. Hawkins seriously loves his stuffed animals.  He has them each in a headlock.  Can he even breathe?  

He has also insisted that Thomas and Percy sleep with him lately.  Silly boy.

My 2 boys
Doesn't Hawkins look humongous?

Here is my sweet baby boy.

Gates is doing better sleeping at night...if we can get him to go to sleep!  He needs some encouragement to drift to dreamland, but once I get him there he does sleep for long stretches.  Mama is happy for that!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home sweet home


We got home from the hospital on Friday and man I wish I had stayed one more night.  Note to self: don't come home from the hospital with a new baby at 5:30pm aka witching hour for your toddler.  Hawkins wasn't bad - he is just a 2 year old little boy, which means really loud and really wild.  This Mommy wasn't ready for that.

I also wasn't ready for Gates to keep us up all night for the next 2 nights.  I thought newborns were supposed to sleep a lot?  Poor baby is really gassy, burpy and uncomfortable, but things are getting better each day he is older and bigger.

Hawkins has been really sweet with him.  He wants to hold and kiss him and always asks "Where Baby Gates"?  He does try to squeeze a little too hard sometimes when he holds him :)

So sweet

The 3rd and 4th night were much better and Gates slept and ate better.  Monday we packed up Hawkins, and my Dad and sister took him to Atlanta for a few days.  I hate to see him go, but I need some quiet in this house to recuperate from surgery and learn to take care of a newborn again!  

Having 2 kids is NO joke.

Gates had his first doctor check up on Monday and his weight was back up to 8 lbs.  8oz!  Big boy!  

The doctor said he is doing great.  He thinks he just has his days and nights confused and nothing drastic like colic or reflux, which is great.

Look at those eyes!

Monday afternoon Gates and Shep had their first play date!  
Of course, they slept right through it :)
Aren't they the cutest?

Tuesday was pretty rough b/c Gates slept all morning and then didn't want to sleep all afternoon.  This led to not wanting to go to sleep at night either.  

I should have woken him up to eat, but I selfishly just let him snooze away and he slept for 4 hours! (during the day that is not good)

After his long morning nap I let him play and kick around on a playmat, and I think I let him stay awake too long and he got overstimulated b/c he would not go to sleep all afternoon!  He wanted to nurse round the clock and just be held.  Then he did take a good evening nap, but would not go back to sleep after nursing.  He was awake from 8:30pm until midnight just crying and wanting to eat. we are working on a schedule!  He is taking his good morning nap and I am going to wake him up to eat!

Sidenote to nursing mothers:  how do you do it with a toddler?????  I am contemplating solely pumping and giving it to him in bottles b/c it takes FOREVER to nurse and Hawkins just does not understand.  Advice?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Benjamin Gatewood Raybon

Gates arrived on November 7th at 1:41pm!  

8 lbs 7 oz - a big boy!

I will have to tell our whole hospital story in another post, but here are some great first pictures to enjoy for now!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Counting down...

Only 8 more days before baby #2 arrives!!!

On one hand I can't wait another day to meet this precious baby and on the other hand I am scared half to death!  Will I remember how to take care of a newborn??  The diapers are SO tiny and I hope he sleeps well and do I remember how to swaddle?  Will Hawkins smother him or knock over his bassinet?

Clothes are washed, crib is ready, carseat is found and ready to be put in the car, pacis are sterilized, hospital bag is semi-packed....what is there left to do?  Robbie asked me last night what we had left to do and my list has dwindled down to only one or two minor things.  I should be in the business of getting mothers ready to have babies :)

I find myself just staring at my list of things to pack for the hospital and I just keep staring b/c there is nothing left I can pack until we are ready to walk out the door.

We have really been talking up "Baby Gates" and Hawkins is getting suspicious.  I wonder how he will act when he arrives.  I am sure he will want to hold, hug and kiss him, but then the jealously will come.  I am nervous about it.  I am also nervous b/c he wants Mommy all.the.time.  His favorite phrase is "Mommy hold him", which means pick me up right now.

The Lord has definitely given me a peace about it though.  We have been "practicing" Daddy putting Hawkins to bed for a couple of weeks and it is going really well.  I have still put him to bed a few times, but he doesn't cry anymore when I am not there after bath time.  That is huge folks.  Now let's just pray he lets someone else put him down for a nap...that's a whole different story...he might not nap until I am able to do it again after the c-section!  Yikes!

It is *finally* getting colder here in South Georgia.  You would think this would make me less swollen, but no, puffy hands and feet are here to stay.  I can literally only wear flip flops.

I am just SO excited for Gates to get here.  Fall is probably one of my favorite times of the year and having him here with us will only make it that much better.  It is crazy to think that he will spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with us.  Hurry up and get here, Gates!