Thursday, April 26, 2012

What have we been up to?

Our little family is going through a rough transition once again.  We did this just 2 short years ago and now we are doing it with a toddler in tow.

Robbie is working in Cordele at his new job, but our life (aka house) is still in Thomasville waiting to sell.  H and I hate being here without Robbie, so we packed our bags and have been living at Honey and Big Daddy's house for the past THREE weeks.  (hence my lack of posts)  How sweet they are to let us take over their lives :)

Hawkins loved every second.  He had four adults at his beckon call most of the time and endless things to play with and look at outside.  And he didn't have to go to school!  My Dad spoils him rotten and lets him play with the hose any time he wants.  Hawkins spent every waking second with me and has gotten VERY attached to his Mommy.

It was great to see Robbie every day and I loved having my parents there to help with Hawkins.  I also got a little spoiled having my Mom cook and clean for me :)  

We are back home this week and I have to say it is sooooo nice to be at home and sleep in my own (king sized) bed!  Hawkins went to school this week and we are getting back into our own routine.  We will continue to be back and forth until we can sell our house and get settled in Americus.  

Say a little prayer for the selling of our house!!!  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

20 months

Wait a minute...when did my baby turn TWENTY months?? How did that happen? 20 months is way too close to 2 years old, which his not acceptable. I don't have a baby anymore - I have a big boy.

Looking back at your 18 month post not too much has changed since then. You eat the same and sleep the same, but you do say a lot more words. You understand more of what we are saying and tasks we ask you to do.

In a nutshell: you love trucks and airplanes, you don't EVER stop moving, you are really silly, you have developed a serious attitude which I assume is the onset of the terrible twos, and you love Thomas the Train DVDs.

- You love to count and repeat the alphabet. Your favorite numbers are eight and nine. When we walk up the stairs you say "eeeiiiiiggghhht, niiiiiiiiiinne"

-You are putting several words together now, and I love hearing you say phrases! My favorite is "Honey How", which is Honey's house.

-Honey bought you some Thomas the Train DVD's and you LOVE them. That is actually an understatement. You have always loved Baby Einstein videos, but even they didn't hold your attention for too long. You ask to watch the "choo choos" all day long and you will actually sit pretty still and watch it and dance to the music.
-You can point to your nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hair, head, neck, teeth, hair, feet, toes, hand, belly button, and knees

-You love to give kisses and hugs

-You are a little monkey who loves to climb - the stairs, onto chairs, whatever!

-You love to read and look at books.

-You look up at the sky when a bird or airplane flies over and point. You love to go outside at night and find the moon.

-You sleep from 7:30pm until around 7am and take one nap at 12:30pm usually for 2 hours.

-You wear 24 month clothes and a size 5 diaper. You wear a size 5 or 6 shoe.

-You love to say the blessing before every meal. If I forget you remind me! You will fold your hands and close your eyes and say "ma-men"
-You are the pickiest eater ever. You are very suspicious of everything. If it's not a waffle or a grilled cheese you are not even thinking about putting it in your mouth.

-Breakfast: you are loving pumpkin bread right now
Lunch: cheese quesadilla
Dinner: chicken nuggets, pouch of veggie, yogurt, some other item like tator tots or a sweet potato

-You drink a sippy cup of whole milk in the morning, afternoon, and night and a 1/2 a cup at naptime.

-We have been staying at Honey and Big Daddy's during this moving transition and you LOVE having all the attention. You have 4 adults who watch your every move and love you so much!

Words you are saying:
Uh oh
HuNee = Honey
Daaaadeeee = Big Daddy
Mi Ming = Fleming
Yay-Gee = Lady
Bo Bo = Beau
Me = Please
Da Du = Thank you
Moo = Moon
ba = ball
bir = bird
dar-dar = cracker
mana = banana
juuuu = juice
choo choo = train
owww = owl
What the owl says = "Whooooo"
What the cow says = "Ma"
What the sheep says = "Ba"
What the horse says = "Neigh"
What the duck says = "Duck Duck"
What the pig says = "Oi Oi"
What the truck says = "UUUnnn"
What the train says = "Choo choo"

Phrases you are saying:
"Bye bye Bo Bo"
"Hey Bo Bo"
"Dant you" = Thank you
"Honey how" = Honey's house
"Love you"
"Dada shoe"
"No Belle Belle" (my Mom's dog)
"Mama car"
"Onj juice" = orange juice
"Blue juice"

Hawkins, you are so smart and sweet and we love you so much!
Mama and Dada

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

We spent Easter in Americus this year with all the Gatewoods and Robbie's parents. It was a great weekend filled with egg hunting, great food and company and fun celebrations.

Hawkins loved spending time with his cousin Fleming

Friday we went to the flying Easter bunny egg hunt. The Easter bunny flew in an airplane over a field and dropped eggs for the children to hunt. It was awesome. Then later the bunny drove into the field in a tractor. I think it was the best day of Hawkins life - an airplane AND a tractor - too much :)

That night we celebrated my birthday with the family!

Saturday we went to our church Easter egg hunt. Hawkins loves eggs, but hasn't quite got the art of hunting down yet. Maybe next year.

The afternoons were filled with fun outside with everyone.

Doesn't he look like 4 years old in this picture? How is he so big?!

All my boys

Aunt Katie brought these bunny ears and they matched perfectly with their outfits for dinner Saturday night. Such cute little bunnies!

All he needs in this picture is a cotton tail!

This is what happens when no one will take Hawkins outside. Total meltdown.

Sunday morning we had a visit from the Easter bunny then we headed to church. Here are some pictures after church.

More fun in the yard later that day...

We had such a fun weekend with both families and had great weather!