Monday, July 22, 2013

Gates - 7 and 8 months

Gates is growing up so fast I can't keep up with his monthly posts!!!  I forgot to take his 7 month pictures and do his post, so we will play catch up since he is 8 months old now.

Around 7.5 months Gates started crawling!  Just a week or so later he started pulling up.  He is STRONG.  He is fully mobile now, but he doesn't take off really fast like Hawkins did.  He just hangs out and crawls around to get to Hawkins or to get a toy that he wants.

He is happiest in the standing position!  

Gates is doing pretty well with his solid foods.  He loves zuccani sticks, sweet potatoes, strawberry yogurt melts, cheerios, prunes/apple, blueberry/apple and peach baby food.  I have really started giving him more "real" food lately and trying to cut out the baby food.  I cut up quesadilla, bread, avacado, watermelon, etc and try to get him to feed himself from the tray.  He's not great at it, but we are working on it!

Gates is doing better and better with his sleeping at night.  Most nights now he will sleep all night (meaning 8pm-6 or 6:30am), but sometimes he does still wake up and cry.  I think he might be getting more teeth now too...

Gates at 8 months:

-He is on the go!  Crawling and pulling up.

-He loves drawers, outlets and the dogs water bowl

-He sleeps 8pm - 6:30am usually and still takes 3 naps a day.  The reason he takes 3 instead of 2 is b/c they are short!

-I STILL rock him to sleep EVERY time he does to sleep...sweet but sometimes time consuming.

-He wears 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

-No shoe size b/c he has never worn shoes!

-He loves his Mommy.  He cries whenever I walk into a room for me to pick him up.

-He has gone to Mother's Morning Out a few times this summer and done great!  He loves this lady in there, Miss Jean, and she loves him too!

-He does refuse to stay in our church nursery.  I don't know why...  They have to come get my every single Sunday b/c he is crying so hard.

Gates is a sweet sweet baby!