Monday, April 25, 2011


This year we celebrated Easter weekend in Americus.

Hawkins and I drove down Friday morning and spent the day with Leola. She loves him so much! She made her famous chicken pie for our Easter lunch.

Big Daddy was so glad Hawkins was finally there!

He wore his farm outfit for the occasion :)

Sarah was in town for Easter too, so we spent the afternoon together getting manicures and pedicures. My Mom was so sweet to babysit. This Mommy was grateful some girl time!

I started changing Hawkins before his afternoon nap and had to capture this moment of Hawkins half naked looking out the window - so cute!

Honey and Big Daddy had just filled their pool with water so Hawkins got to swim!

He loves the water! Daddy was able to leave work early on Good Friday, so he enjoyed swimming with his baby boy.

Eating sweet potatoes naked

Easter morning!

{with some crazy bed head!}

He loved his Easter basket filled with toys and goodies

Hawkins went to my hometown church for the first time. Honey and Big Daddy were so proud to show him off. We held him in church b/c the nursery was a ZOO and he did pretty well.

When we got home we did a mock egg hunt before lunch. The Easter bunny didn't hide the eggs too well...

Family picture

He wasn't too sure about the eggs. I think he put every one in his mouth and quickly took each one back out. They didn't taste too good!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

29 and 2

I had a birthday last week, and it was fabulous. I LOVE that my birthday is in April. My day is always associated with sunny weather and flowers starting to bloom for as long as I can remember. Everyone is excited to get out their spring dresses and ready to start eating outside. I had phone calls and texts from great friends and many many Facebook birthday wishes - you've got to love Facebook on your birthday!

Robbie is the BEST at surprises and he treated me all day on the 14th. He woke up early and fed Hawkins while cooking me a delicious breakfast. He stayed a few minutes longer before he went to work and came home a little early to cook me dinner! He is the sweetest husband - AND he gave me the best present EVER!!!

Two years ago Robbie and I decided to get married four days after my birthday. Why did I do that?? Well, it was because I wanted to get married in the spring weather that I love so much, but I do not love that my b-day and anniversary are so close together! They are 2 very special days and they just run together for me.

We did have the most picture perfect weather for our wedding day and I would not change that for the world. I didn't even break a sweat taking our pictures outside that afternoon, and it was cool during our reception.

Robbie and I went out to dinner this past weekend to celebrate both occasions. We stayed in Thomasville and learned that there really are not any super great date places here. We went to Sweet Grass Dairy first for wine and cheese and that really was fun...but they close at 8pm, so we went to Jonah's (b/c Glen Arven was closed for an event). We love Jonah's, but it is definitely not a romantic place to eat. Regardless, it was fun to spend some quality time with my husband of 2 years.

We have been through quite a few obstacles and life changes since our wedding day, but I know they have made us stronger. Job changes, melenoma, selling and buying a house, moving, pregnancy, baby, new friends, etc, etc. I could not imagine doing it with anyone else!

I am one lucky 29 year old woman this year!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Atlanta Trip

To say I had fun on our Atlanta "vacation" is the understatement of the year! I worried about it for weeks wondering how Hawkins would sleep in the pack'n play and nap in the car, but he did better than I ever imagined.

Robbie and I left Thomasville last Thursday after work and headed to Atlanta. Hawkins cried for 2 hours and slept for 2 hours, so I thought that was a bad start to the weekend! We arrived at Amy and Quincy's house around 10:30pm and moved in for the weekend! Hawkins went right back to sleep (after a little bottle and some rocking by Daddy) and slept all night!

Amy and Quincy were SO nice to let us stay with them all weekend and basically move our house to theirs. They make everything so comfortable and we feel right at home! Hawkins LOVED playing with John Quincy (who turned 2 on Monday!) and I loved holding sweet Southern! Makes me want a little girl!

Friday Robbie went to work in his Atlanta office, and I went over to visit with Libby and sweet 5 week old Gardner. It was great to catch up with her, and Hawkins got a chance to crawl around after his morning nap (in the car). Then we met Robbie for lunch at Goldberg's before we paid a visit to his old office, Croft and Bender. Robbie loved showing off his little boy! Robbie went back to work and I headed back to Amy's (while Hawkins took his afternoon nap in the car). This left me waiting for him to wake up in Amy's driveway for 45 minutes, but I didn't mind! Anything for a good nap. I had a fun afternoon visit with Amy while our little boys played.

We ended the day having a super early dinner with Robbie's parents and brother, Bryan, at Houston's. This is a tough time of day for Hawkins, but he did pretty well. They were glad to see Hawkins and he got some love from his uncle and grandparents. We had to get back to put him to bed by 7:30pm, so it was an early night!

Saturday we had a leisurely morning at the Evan's house. Hawkins and John Quincy sat side by side in their high chairs and had breakfast together in their PJs. So cute!

The weather was gorgeous, so we had a nice lunch and then rode around looking at all the pretty houses and yards while Hawkins took an afternoon nap in the car (again!). We went over to Virginia's and she babysat Hawkins while Robbie and I had some time alone to shop and run errands. Virginia had not seen Hawkins since his Christening and he has changed SOOO much in those 6 weeks. They had fun playing together all afternoon.

Virginia babysat again Saturday night and we went out to dinner with Amy and Quincy. We went to Haven in our old neighborhood. It was so much fun to have a night out with great friends!!!! I wish I had a picture...

Sunday we went to visit with Bryan again and he really enjoyed seeing his nephew crawling around. Then we met Va and my parents (who came through Atlanta from Highlands, NC) for lunch at Zoe's Kitchen (my fav!). We sat outside and Hawkins loved it! He flirted with the little girl at the table next to us and didn't fuss the whole time.

We ran into Miranda and Marty there and I loved seeing them!!!!!!!!!!!! What a small world.

Then Robbie and my Dad headed back to South Georgia and the girls stayed in Atlanta. We were sad to see them go, but we had fun staying on our vacation a little longer :) Sarah came over to play with Hawkins and then she and I went out to an early Birthday dinner at Portifino!!!! We drank wine and stayed out late for a Sunday. Those kind of dinners are JUST what this Mommy needs to relax and have some girl time. Thank you Sarah for treating me to such a wonderful dinner! Hawkins slept great at his Aunt Nina's house!

Monday Virginia took the day off work to be with us, but we all went into her office for a dermatologist visit. She loved showing Hawkins off to her co-workers and me and Mom got in our much needed doctors visit. He took 3 moles off me, but more on that later.

We had lunch at Fresh to Order, but Hawkins was not having fun. He was ready to get down and play! He did take a nap on the way to Libby's and we spent the rest of the afternoon at a playdate with so many of my girlfriends and their precious babies. Caulie was there with Slade (5 months), Holly with Will (1 year), Katie with Samantha (2 years) and Annie (7 months) and of course Libby with Gardner (5 weeks). SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here is Hawkins and Slade:

It was so much fun to see old friends and play with their precious children.

Hawkins and Gardner:

Monday evening Virginia Sullivan and her sister came to play with Hawkins and then we ordered from my favorite place, Chin Chin!

We left Atlanta early Tuesday morning and headed to Newnan to see my Grandmother, Dee. I dropped Hawkins and my Mom off there and I went to Peachtree City to get my hair done. (My hairdresser moved from Atlanta and I just HAD to have her do my hair - no one else can do it like her!!!)

Hawkins was the sweetest boy at Dee's house and she loved spending time with him. They played and strolled and waiting on Mommy to get home.

Dee has this chair (below) at her house that was her Mothers. You would have thought we gave Hawkins 10 cupcakes to eat he was so excited to sit in it and play with it!

No hands!

So proud of himself!

Then we drove to Americus and spent the night before we headed home to Thomasville Wednesday morning.

We had the best time and can't wait to visit Atlanta again soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saying Dada! Here is a video of Hawkins saying Da da da da and ya ya ya ya - his new trick! I have a feeling he doesn't really know what he is saying, but he sure is proud of himself...and Robbie is pretty proud too! We are still recuperating from this TWO WEEK cold that won't seem to go away. My cough actually seems to be getting worse instead of better. Why is that? Have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend and a good nap!

After taking a {typical} 30 minute nap this morning Hawkins was cranky and tired after lunch. Honey was on her way for a visit so we went ahead and put H down for his afternoon nap so he could be up in another quick 30 minutes ready to play. Well...he pulled a fast one on us and slept almost 2 HOURS this afternoon! WHAT? He has not done that since 2010. He must have known Mommy had reinforcements here to help so he just decided to sleep the pretty day away. I have loved this relaxing weekend at home with my two favorite men. Hawkins and Daddy took a morning trip to Costco on Saturday, then we all met up for lunch at our favorite spot Jonah's in Downtown Thomasville. We grilled steaks, watched a movie and stayed in last night and tried to save some money on babysitters and eating out. Robbie is just now catching the sickness that we have had all week, so we are trying to recuperate! Honey is here for a couple of days so we have lots of fun things planned! We love you Honey!

Friday, April 1, 2011

8 months!

Dear Hawkins, You have quickly turned into the cutest busiest little boy this past month. Your hair is getting thicker and longer and you are no longer a baby. I think your little body is in overload because you have learned so many new tricks recently. You are so strong and getting stronger by the day. You always have something in your mouth and your teeth are sharp! You drool buckets of saliva and have to change clothes a couple of times a day!

This month we stayed home most weekends and had some quality family time just the 3 of us. It has been so fun to watch you grow and learn new things. God truly blessed me when he chose me to be your Mom.

We took a trip to Americus to see Honey and Big Daddy and they were impressed with your crawling! Every time they see you you have something new to show them.
You love Mother's Morning Out and the ladies fight over you! They hold you and spoil you rotten. Mommy doesn't mind because I get alot of errands done while you are there having fun.

We have missed alot of swimming being out of town and then sick, but you have loved the time we have spent in the pool. I know a fun summer is ahead with lots of time in the sun and pool to look forward to.

Your second tooth came through - now you have 2 bottom teeth!

Just Mommy and Hawkins went to Americus for a visit and you started pulling up to a standing position! When we got home (after only 2 days) your Daddy said you were a different baby! You are growing so fast.

After a few more days you were pulling up on everything! Now you are a pro. Your legs are so strong.

We bought you some Keds and they make you look like such a big boy!

Your Honey taught you to wave bye-bye. I don't know if you really understand what you are doing, but you love to wave!

You can get to a sitting position from crawling and it is so cute! You back your little fanny up and plop down on it from crawling to sit up.

You started pulling up on the side of your crib and that seriously inhibited your naps for a week or so.

You got your first ear infection! Poor baby. You were rubbing your ear and woke up with a rattly cough and runny nose so we headed to the doctor. They diagnosed you with a ear infection and sore throat, so you are taking an antibiotic. You are still the sweetest baby even when you are sick.

That would not have been so bad if Mommy had not gotten sick one day later and now we are both really sick and it has been awful. We have gone through ~27 boxes of Kleenex in the past few days.

You still nurse or take a bottle 4 times a day and eat baby food 3 times a day. Peas and any fruit are your favorite. You HATE meat! I have tried giving it to you few times and you refuse to eat it.

We have started putting you to bed a few minutes earlier, so now you sleep from ~7:30pm-7am.

You are still a terrible napper. I am trying my hardest to be consistent, but you love to take 30-45 minute catnaps. You nap at 9:30am and 1:30pm and I try to leave you in there for an hour and 15 minutes. I do not know what else to do to get you to nap longer!

{Waving bye bye!}

You love to play with your humidifier in your room since you have been sick. Mommy needs to babyproof!

This is your mischievous look - right before you start pulling up and banging on the blinds.

Playing with your new Easter basket.

I cannot believe how fast you are growing and how big you are getting. Mommy and Daddy can barely keep up with you! I predict you will be an earlier walker...

Now, if our household can just get well then we can look forward to this ninth month!

We love you Hawkins!