Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bathtime with friends!

These pictures were taken in November when we visited Atlanta. They are old, but too cute not to share! From the left, this is Gardner (Libby's son), Slade (Caulie's daughter) and Hawkins.

Such cuties!

We don't see them NEAR enough, so these moments are so special. Hawkins loves a bath, so it was super fun to share it with friends!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Is it spring or winter? Yesterday it was hot and humid all day and today it is cold. I am sick of the back and forth!

I must have been pretty excited about my new iphone b/c I went WAY over my minutes last month. Not 10 or 20 minutes but like 160 minutes - how did that happen??

We have been laying low with nothing really blog worthy going on. Here is our recent weeks in cell phone pics...

Hawkins at his Valentine's party at school
(a plate full of fruit and cheese - he did not eat a bite)
Playing with his friends at school
Honey and Big Daddy came to visit for the weekend.

Haircut with Honey!
My new short haircut!
2 peas in a pod
Attempting to eat corn on the cobb!

With Daddy at lunch

Big Daddy reading Hawkins a story
He woke up with this precious curl in his hair and I had to take a pic...
So, my Mom and Dad came to visit for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago. I love having them here to play with Hawkins, but I realized that it is started to get harder to have them here! My Dad spoils Hawkins rotten and lets him do anything he wants to do - like play in the sprinkler and hold the hose and get everyone all wet. Perfectly fine things for a little boy to do, but not 10 times a day! Hawkins had the worst temper tantrums I have experienced b/c he had to change his diaper or change his clothes, nap, or eat lunch - anything that was away from his Big Daddy. Whew, little boys love their daddies and Granddaddies!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I got REALLY crafty for Valentine's Day this year. I guess that is what you do when you are a stay at home Mom?

My first completed Pinterest project!

Aren't they amazing?
They were so easy to make too - once I got the hang of it. I may have had sprinkles all over my kitchen, but it was worth it.

I might even start selling these bad boys along with cheese straws...

I paired the chocolate covered pretzels with my second Pinterest project (see the M&M kiss pretzels in the below photo?) in this oh so precious Valentine bag that I printed from Etsy
It may have taken me 3 different printers to find one with colored ink, but aren't they adorable??

I stumbled upon her shop and she has the CUTEST printables! I can't wait to do the Easter ones :)

Happy Crafty Valentine's Day!


I have had the best 4 days. Robbie had to go out of town for work, so Hawkins and I packed up and went on a vacation of our own!

Here is my baby the day we left Thomasville. He likes to hold his milk and "may-may" (blankie) for awhile first thing in the morning :)

Hawkins looking at his Valentine from Miller Anne! He loves her!

Sweet angel asleep on the ride to Americus

I dropped off Hawkins to play with his Honey and Big Daddy and headed to Atlanta! I fit in a doctor's appointment, long quality time with 4 sweet friends, some shopping and much needed alone time.

It was truly therapy for my soul.

I drove straight to PF Changs Thursday night to have dinner with Caulie. We both dressed and put on make up (major work) and had a real grown up dinner with no high chairs! She just announced that she is pregnant with their second child! Yay!

My friend Amy just had this angel one week ago:

Her third baby in three years! She deserves a medal! I spent Friday afternoon with the 2 of them and I could not let baby Weezie go! Gives me baby fever :)

Friday night I headed to Libby's and we ordered in chinese and ate it by a fire. It was freezing in Atlanta! I spent the night there and we just chatted and had a girls night catching up.

When I am by myself in Atlanta I am a nomad. Spending the night different places - packing and unpacking. I don't mind though b/c that means I get to see more friends! I was on my own schedule and got to do things that only I wanted to do.

I really miss my friends since moving away from Atlanta. I love these times catching up with them - seeing their families grow - and just having some time away. Thank you Honey and Big Daddy for watching my baby so I could go!

Here's a glimpse of what he gets into at their house:

What a rascal!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

18 months

Hawkins is 18 months old!

This age is by far the sweetest and hardest at the same time. Hawkins, you can make me pull my hair out with your whining and tugging at my legs, but then plant a big kiss and hug on me and melt my heart. You have learned to say "No" and you say it all the time - even when you mean yes. It is annoying and cute at the same time. You shake your head and say no at the same time like you really know what you are talking about. You know what you want and exactly when you want it. If you don't get it immediately a meltdown might occur. You are learning your manners and love to say "Dant you" (thank you) when I hand you something. Oh, and you LOVE trucks.Love.them.

-You can point to your nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, hair, feet, toes, hand, and belly button

-You love to give kisses and hugs - even to strangers at the gym nursery

-You love to ride in the race car grocery cart at Publix.

-You are a little monkey who loves to climb - the stairs, onto chairs, whatever!

-You love to read and look at books.

-You look up at the sky when a bird or airplane flies over and point. You love to go outside at night and find the moon.

-You sleep from 7:30pm until around 7am and take one nap at 12:30pm usually for 2 hours.

-You wear 18 month or 24 month clothes and a size 5 diaper. You wear a size 5 or 6 shoe.

-You are the pickiest eater ever. You are very suspicious of everything. If it's not a waffle or a grilled cheese you are not even thinking about putting it in your mouth. You even rejected home made unhealthy delicious mac and cheese AND pizza.

- Your new love is orange juice.

-A new food you ate this month was fish sticks and you love them!

Your typical day:
-Breakfast: waffle, banana, yogurt, a pouch of fruit.
Lunch: grilled cheese, banana, pouch of fruit/veggie, puffs.
Dinner: chicken nuggets, pouch of veggie, yogurt, some other item like tator tots or a sweet potato

-For snacks you love apples, graham goldfish, PB or cheese mini ritz crackers, oreos or nilla wafers.

-You drink a sippy cup of whole milk in the morning, afternoon, and night and a 1/2 a cup at naptime.

-You still LOVE bath time and you LOVE your Daddy. I know little boys love their Daddies, but man you really love yours. You wake up asking for him and get so excited when you hear the door handle turning in the evenings when he gets home.

Hawkins, you are the sweetest little guy. You are testing your limits as a toddler, but you are also showing us how much you love and trust us. I love that. Thank you for letting us teach you new things every day.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hawkins' Closet sale!

All items are now SOLD! I will post more soon!

I am selling some of Hawkins clothes to try to make some room (and some money!) for some new spring clothes! I wash all of his clothes in Dreft and either delicate dry or air dry. They are all in excellent condition. Most he only wore one or 2 times. All shipping is $5

I will wash and iron each item before shipping to you!

Please email me at if you are interested in any items or have any questions!

Happy Shopping!

Orient Expressed
Green and white seersucker bubble with whales on the collar
Size 12 month

Be Mine
Yellow and white check john john with smocked sea animals
Size 12 month

Feltman Bros
Blue john john with train
Shirt buttons to outfit
Size 6 month

Petite Ami
Blue and white check john john with hopping grasshoppers
(shirt attached)
Size 12 month
(only wore once)

Mudpie Baby
Blue and white seersucker john jon with alligator
Size 12 - 18 month

Mudpie Baby
Blue and white seersucker john john with Birthday elephant
Size 12-18 month
(only wore once)

Feltman Bros
Baby blue bubble with sailboat
Size 9 month
(only wore once)

Funtasia! too
Red corduroy long all
Size 6 month
Please email me at if you are interested in any items or have any questions!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's new?

*I got a new phone - an iphone! Yay! I am super pumped about it. It looks so sleek and cool and it actually works unlike my other phone.

*The only thing I don't like about it is the email. It does not update until I go to my mail - is this a setting that you can change?

*My entire household has been sick this week with a bad cold. It started with Hawkins, then on to Robbie and finally to me. I hate colds. I can't sleep when I can't breathe!

*Afrin is the

*This sickness includes H waking in the night and one day taking a 3 hour nap and the next day a 1 hour nap - I am over it. One hour naps are such a tease!