Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Laying low

We have been laying low in our household the past week or so. Hawkins never got over his ear infections from 3 weeks ago, and I had to take him back to the doctor last week. Dr. Jones gave him a hug and kissed his little forehead after looking into his ear and said "It's bad - both ears are worse." Obviously the antibiotic did not work. Poor guy! I just knew he was not better. He was still pulling on his ears and not sleeping well - and super fussy. We are on a new antibiotic now, so I hope it works! I want to get this little guy feeling better fast!

We went to a fun birthday party for Sellars and Turner Page on Saturday. It was outside and Hawkins loved it! They had a quilt down on the grass with toys and you would have thought they were the best toys in the world. He played for 2 hours straight and then passed out at home and slept for 12 hours! I wish we had a birthday party every weekend to attend!

The pool at our country club opened for the weekends! We went after church on Sunday and had the best time. I went a couple of times last year when I was pregnant, but it is a totally different experience with a baby. There is no relaxing or even a thought of reading a book, but it is fun. They have a great baby pool right beside a covered area with chairs, so there is plenty of shade when you are not in the pool. They open everyday next week, so we will be back alot this summer!!!

I went to Target yesterday and got Hawkins a few new toys. There are so many fun ones for his age now! I will have to take pictures of him playing with his new walking toy and post them - he looks so big!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beach vacation #2

Well, this beach vacation was truly a vacation for this Mama! Hallelujah, I needed it! My sister doubled as my personal nanny for the entire 4 day weekend. She put Hawkins to bed every night and for every single nap. Hawkins loves his Aunt Nina. He was such a sweet boy - sleeping all night and taking long naps. The pool wears that boy out!

We spent alot of time just hanging out on the back porch looking at the ocean and enjoying the wonderful breeze and swimming in the pool. The horseflys were awful, but that did not stop Hawkins from getting in that pool!

It was so nice to have my family (and husband) there to help with Hawkins so that I could truly relax. I didn't read a book or anything, but I did enjoy the tranquility of the ocean and just sat on the porch and chilled. My favorite time of the day was at 7am outside drinking my coffee listening to the waves crash. I wish I was there right now - minus the sand knats. I also scored us an ocean front room with a balcony, so I got to listen to that ocean in my room too. We had a babysitter one afternoon for a few hours and I spent one of those hours in my bed with the balcony door open just relaxing. It was awesome. It's amazing how times have changed, huh?

My whole family was able to spend the weekend, so it was special treat to enjoy the beach together. We stayed at a friends house on Sea Island and went to the beach club for the first time since they remodeled. Crisp and I both worked Jr. Staff at the Cloister years ago, but everything has changed since then!

Food was also a big part of the weekend, of course. We cooked in all 3 nights and ate better than ever! Hamburgers, fish and beef tenderloin - delicious!

I am sad that our 2 beach trips for the summer are already over :( If anyone wants to invite us for a weekend we will gladly come!!!! Our bathing suits are packed! For now we are waiting for our country club pool to open next week. I have a feeling Hawkins and I will spend alot of time there this summer. I can't wait because the weather is getting hotter and hotter!

You can view all my pictures here:

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was very different for me than in years past! I was pregnant last year, but this was my first "real" Mother's Day. The meaning of the day changes when you are a Mother.

I have wanted to be a Mother ever since I can remember. I was the little girl with a million baby dolls and strollers and bottles. Now I have a baby of my own - I can still hardly believe it. Hawkins is the sweetest little boy, and it makes me so happy to stay home with him and be his Mother. I just put him to bed and that time of day is the sweetest. He can barely drink his bottle he is so sleepy and then lays his precious head on my shoulder before I put him in his crib. Those are the moments I want to file in my memory bank to keep forever.

My parents came and spent Saturday night to celebrate the special weekend. Hawkins helped his Daddy pick out a sweet card for me and everyone relieved me of baby related duties for the day! It was a nice day to relax.

We went to Thomasville Landmark's annual Derby party the night before while my parents babysat. It was a fun party where everyone wore fun dresses and hats. They also topped the night off with a live band. Well...this Mommy had a little too much fun. I seriously have not had that much fun since college! I am not much of a dancer, but I was breaking out some moves on the dance floor. I don't have a picture of me in my hat, but I am trying to find one...

Here are some pictures taken on Mother's Day:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

9 months!

I am so behind on my 9 month post! We have been in and out of town and busy busy!

Hawkins, here is what you are doing at 9 months:

-You have become much more vocal and started saying Dada, baba, yaya and Mama. You say dadadada all day long and have only said Mama a few times.
-You love your Baby Einstein DVDs - especially the farm one
-You are the busiest little boy and always want to be down playing and crawling around. I have to wear you out good so that you will take good naps.
-You are a really happy baby and love attention!
-You love to pull all the books off of the book shelf in your room during playtime
-You are crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything
-You love to follow me in the kitchen and open all the cabinets and pull up on my legs.
-You love outlets and will go touch them and beat your hands on them
-We play in your room alot (where it is mostly safe for you) and you are very content to play with your toys by yourself while Mommy watches you
-You have not had anymore teeth come through yet
-Your Daddy gave you another little haircut b/c it was getting so long!

-You are in size 3 diapers and 9-12 month clothes. You are quickly outgrowing 9 mo. and heading towards 12 mo. clothes!
-You take 7 oz. bottles 4x a day (plus a couple of ounces before naps) and eat baby food 3x per day
-We are transitioning to stage 3 baby food, but you still eat alot of stage 2 foods b/c you have a strong gag reflex and don't like the chunkier foods yet.
-I still give you a sippy cup at meals, but you prefer to chew on it rather than learn to drink out of it
-You take 2 naps a day at 9:30am and 2pm. You are getting much better at taking longer naps after I started giving you 2 or 3 oz. of milk right before your naps. You typically sleep around an hour, but some days an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours.
-I stopped nursing you at 8 months, so now you are solely taking formula. (Similac Sensitive for fussiness and gas - ready to feed) It is making you fatter!
-You hate to get dressed or have your diaper changed b/c you are so busy!
-You love bathtime and will crawl sooo fast to the bathtub when we start running the water.
-You had a couple of weeks where you refused to get in your highchair and arched your back and threw a fit when I tried to strap you in.
-Just in the past few days you have been really clingy to your Daddy. You cry when you see him and want him to pick you up. It's sad, but kind of cute!

Trips we took in your 9th month:
-We went to Atlanta at the beginning of the month and you were the best boy. You actually sleep pretty well in your pack and play
-We went to Americus to celebrate Easter.
-We took a trip to the beach with the Hamlings this month and you love the pool!!!!
-You have been sick TWICE this month with a cold and ear infections.

Hawkins, you are such and joy to your Mommy and Daddy. You do keep us busy and on our toes though! We love you so much.

Recipe for Orzo salad

I have to share this delicious orzo salad recipe that my Mom just gave me. It is perfect for summer!

1 lb. orzo
1/2 red onion (diced)
1 c. slivered almonds
2 T. fresh basil leaves
5 oz. crumbled feta
2 c. cherry tomatoes (sliced in half)

1t. Dijon mustard
1/2 cup olive oil
2 lemons (juiced)
salt and pepper

Cook orzo 8-10 minutes according to package directions - drain and let cool. Make dressing in a bowl and add orzo and other ingredients.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Beach vacation #1

We have spent the past week at the beach with Caulie and baby Slade in St. Simons. The weekend started out with the Raybons and the Hamlings, but the Daddys had to go home on Sunday to work while the Mamas and babies stayed the week :)

Caulie and I had been planning this trip for awhile and we have been looking so forward to it! We did have a great time, but I have to admit that it is the first overnight trip that I have taken care of Hawkins all my myself - and it was 4 nights! I have been away from Robbie before, but I was always with my Mom or someone that was helping me take care of Hawkins. It is HARD work to take care of a baby alone night and day...let alone a SICK baby. He woke up with a runny nose on Monday morning, which turned into a full blown cold by that night. One day he literally slept 50 minutes (between 2 naps) from 5am to 8pm. I was so tired the muscles in my body just ached...but we were at the beach so it was worth it!

Let's rewind - We arrived Friday night and all went straight to Barbara Jean's for supper. It was delish and the babies did great despite just arriving from a long car trip. Then we settled in the house, put the babes to bed and enjoyed some adult beverages and conversation.

Saturday we enjoyed some time at the pool in the morning and the beach in the afternoon. It was so much fun to be at the beach with Hawkins and Robbie as a family. Hawkins LOVED the pool! It was pretty cold, but it didn't bother him one bit. We spent Sunday walking on the beach and back in the pool and then sadly told Robbie goodbye that evening.

Caulie and I did have a great time relaxing and spending time together. I miss her since I moved to Thomasville! We met in college and were ADPis together at UGA. Things have changed a little bit since we first met in Athens 11 years ago :) We have gone from partying in Athens to changing diapers! Caulie and I lived together our senior year of college in Athens, that summer in St. Simons and for one year in Atlanta right before she got married. We have gone through so many different experiences together and it is so much fun to see our lives change and grow as we are now wives and mothers.

We did not do too much for the remainder of the week - one lunch out at Brogen's North and one dinner out at Barbara Jean's. We had to eat there for the 2nd time because it is so good! We got a babysitter for 3 hours one day and relished in our time away with shopping and ice cream! Can you believe that Caulie had NEVER gotten a babysitter for Slade?? I think she loves babysitters now.

On Thursday morning we packed up and headed back to Thomasville. I have to admit it is really nice coming home after a week away, but we had a great time on our beach vacation!

Here are some pictures from the week:

Hawkins and Slade in matching Bob strollers on the beach Saturday afternoon

Playing in our diapers!

Watching my farm video with my Daddy

I love the pool!

Precious Slade

Playing in the morning

Slade, your foot tastes good

All dressed up for lunch at Brogen's North

Back in the pool with Mommy

Playing in my favorite drawer in the kitchen

Swimming in the baby pool