Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas Tree 2010!

This was such a special Christmas this year with it being Hawkins' first Christmas. It all went by so fast, so I wanted to take some pictures of our Christmas tree and some of our favorite ornaments - old and new.
Here is our tree in our new house!
This sterling silver rocking horse was given to Hawkins by sweet Miss Lynne Jordan. She encouraged me to start him a ornament collection and add one every Christmas.
Baby's 1st Christmas

This monogrammed silver cross was given to me at my Christmas shower during our engagement in 2009.

This was my ornament made in 1983 when I was one year old!

I love this one! It was given to Hawkins this year by Wink and Floyd. A sweet angel boy with Hawkins' name on it.

Katie gave us this one last year - we had just found out we were moving to Thomasville.

Katie's mom, Sharon, gave this to Hawkins. It has the bible verse "Train up a child in the way that he should go..." and it has a train on it - cute!

This was also given to me at my Christmas shower in 2009...

Another one for Hawkins!

This is my favorite for this year!

Another first Christmas...

I made this sheep when I was a little girl in Sunday school - I can't believe my Mom saved it!

I told my parents and sister I was pregnant last year with this ornament!
I loved our tree and was so sad to take it down!
Christmas post to come...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rice Cereal! Yummy!

Hawkins first time eating rice cereal! It did not go well at first, but by the third time he loved it!

Hawkins' First Flight!

Sweet Hawkins took his very first flight on an airplane!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hawkins and I spent almost a whole week in Americus the week of Thanksgiving! It was nice to have a little "vacation" from home and be spoiled by my Mom. We had to get down there early for Hawkins' Sip N See that Honey hosted for her friends to meet Hawkins. He was the hit of the party of course!
The beautiful table
Hawkins with Aunt Katie

Leola was there!

Thanksgiving Day in Newnan

Hawkins and Big Daddy

Hawkins and Honey

Four generations

Camo overalls for the farm!

Hawkins' second date with Miller Anne

Hawkins with Aunt Nina and Aunt Katie

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The Raybon household is going on week number 2 of being sick. We have used alot of kleenexs! First it was Robbie and me sick all last week with a nasty nasty head cold. We brought home some sort of bug from Thanksgiving, which lasted a full 7 days. Finally on Saturday I went to the urgent care clinic and they gave me nose drops and that cleared me right up!

The day I finally felt better Hawkins woke up with pink eye! He could not even open his eye b/c he had so much gunk - it was the most pitiful thing I have ever seen! We went straight to the doctor and got him some drops that have almost cleared it up. I thought he was ok and had no other "sick" symptons, so off we went to Atlanta! Well, I very shortly became the worst mother in the world b/c the pinkeye turned into a full blown cold - my baby has his first cold! Coughing, sneezing, stopped up and a runny nose - horrible! He was up ALL night long the one night we were in Atlanta, and I learned my lesson the hard way. That is really the first night in his life he has been up literally all night long. We left first thing the next morning to get that baby home to his own bed.

We have been laying low and recovering and Hawkins is feeling better (but still sick). He is happy to be at home in his own bed in his own routine. This Mommy is still feeling guilty for dragging him to Atlanta for my own benefit, but we all make mistakes in this game called Motherhood.

Feel better soon Hawkins!