Monday, September 23, 2013

Happenings in our household

I have been terrible about blogging about just the plain everyday stuff that we do in our household!  As a stay at home Mom to these 2 sweet little boys some days look the same over and over again, so I forget to document them.  Things are also a bit crazy as you can imagine.  This year has FLOWN by and I want to remember all the fun things we are doing!

Back in August we took a trip to Atlanta and to Newnan to see Dee

Some girls and I started a "baby" playgroup for all the babies born this year.  Gates is the oldest.  Here is Gates, Evans, Fort, Carlisle and Bowen.  It is so much fun to see these babies grow and get together once a week!

While the boys were out of school we took a day trip to Thomasville and had Miss Julie cut their hair!  We love her!

We also spent some quality time with our favorite babysitter Lauren!

Hawkins first day of 3 year preschool!  What a big boy!

Mommy and Daddy got a weekend away at a wedding in Virginia

My big baby in red keds

Hawkins loves his Beau Beau

I started a new is my first breakfast...

Sweet boy at playgroup

Opening weekend of dove season in Americus

Moments like this are rare, but make me melt...

Dove hunting with Daddy

My little Gates is SO snuggly!  He loves his blankies

Always so happy happy happy

Church picnic

Monday, September 16, 2013

Gates - 10 months

Gates is 10 months old!

I am typing the words, but I cannot wrap my head around the fact that my BABY will be one year old in 2 months.

For now, my sweet angel is minutes away from walking...seriously.  He can pull up and move around so fast and is so steady on his feet.  He is generally a very happy easy going baby - the only exception is when he is teething or tired and fussy.  He rides in the car easy and goes to sleep easy.  I remember at this age Hawkins would arch his back and scream b/c he didn't want to get in the carseat!

Gates LOVES Hawkins.  He wants to be all up in Hawkins' business and know exactly what he is doing and is always happy to just be playing in the same room.  Hawkins loves Gates, but does not like sharing or being all close next to him :)  I can see alot of brother fights in the future.  Gates is on the move now and loves all Hawkins' toys.  Hawkins is quick to snatch things out of Gates' hands or even push him down!  We have a lot of work to do on sharing...

Gates is so snuggly and cute.  If a blanket, sheet or pillow is laying on the floor he hurries over to it and buries his head in it - it is hilarious!

Here is what you are doing at 10 months:

-You sleep 8pm - 7am typically.  I have finally gotten you to take 2 naps a day instesad of 3, so they are at 9am and 1:30 or 2pm.   Gone are the days of car naps b/c I like you to take long naps at home!

-School has started!  We go drop Hawkins off at school MWF and then rush back home so you can take a nap at 9am.  Mommy usually works out while you sleep.  On Tues/Thurs both boys go to school, so Mommy really gets a nice morning break!

-You have actually done really well at school, but I still feel guilty about making you nap there.  You will only nap 30-45 minutes and you really need a good 1.5 hour morning nap.  Even so, you hardly cry when I drop you off and seem to really like it!  Your teacher is Deanna and there are 3 babies in your class.

-You are taking a little less formula and trying to eat more real food.  I put 6 or 7 oz in your bottles now instead of 8 (except at night).

-I sometimes give you your afternoon bottle in a sippy cup.  You take 6 or so ounces before your afternoon nap, so you only want a little bit when you wake up, so it's the perfect introduction to the sippy cup!

-You are hit or miss when it comes to food.  Some days you will eat anything on your plate and finish it off and some days you don't want anything.  Lately you love waffles, grilled cheese and broccoli and will sometimes eat mac and cheese, butter beans, chicken etc.

Pictures will come later since I am so behind!