Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Months!

Hawkins is two months old today!

We went for his checkup with Dr. Jones, and he got a great report. He weighs 11 lbs and 12 oz and is 23 1/4 inches long - both in the 50% percentile. His head is 16 inches, which is in the 75% percentile! He has big brains! The doctor said he was perfect. We do not have to go to the physical therapist anymore for his head because it is looking a lot better. We have been working on getting him to lay and look towards the left and it has paid off.

He had to get two shots and Mommy could not even watch. It was horrible!

Here are some pictures from our 2 month photo shoot. I finally caught his precious smile on camera!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hawkins' first trip to Atlanta!

Hawkins had his first big road trip last week to Atlanta! I went early with my Mom and we stayed with Hawkins' Aunt Virginia, and she was so sweet and took off work to babysit him two days! He loved it!

It was my first time driving in the car with Hawkins alone for a long distance, so I was pretty nervous, but he did GREAT! We started out the morning and drove from Thomasville to Americus - took a break - then drove from Americus to Newnan where Hawkins met his Great Grandmother for the first time! He was such a sweet boy despite being in the car for over 4 hours that day. Then we drove from Newnan to Atlanta. I am so lucky to have such a sweet baby in the car! He didn't make a peep - even when we were stuck in afternoon Atlanta traffic and he was overdue for his dinner!

Here are some pictures from our Newnan visit:

Four generations!
Frances, Dee, Hawkins and Billie
Big yawn!

Then we went on to Atlanta to shop and show Hawkins off! Sarah hosted a little get together so that he could meet all of Mommy's friends!

Here he is with Virginia

Then with Caulie
Hawkins with his Mommy
Reagan, Virginia, Frances, Hawkins and Lyndsey

He was the hit of the party!

Libby and Hawkins
Hawkins, Virginia, Frances and Caulie

The two pregnant ladies!
Libby, Frances, and Caulie

Robbie came for the weekend and we stayed with our good friends Amy, Quincy and sweet John Quincy

Frances and Amy

Frances, Amy and John Quincy

It was a busy weekend visiting with friends and going to parties. I went to two baby showers and an engagement party - all on Saturday! We had so much fun!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

8 weeks

What Hawkins is doing at 8 weeks...

- Sleeping from 9:30pm until 4am and then back to sleep until 7am. We are trying to get you to sleep all the way to 6am!

- Taking lots of naps a day.

- Your schedule is eat, play for 30 minutes and then take a 2 hour nap - then start over!

- You drink 4 ounces of milk when we feed you a bottle.

- You had your first "outside" babysitter! Mommy did not want to leave you , but we love Lauren and she will be back very soon!

- You go for your 2 month check up this week, so we will get a definite weight, but I think you weight about 12 lbs or so now.

- You are getting so alert and active during playtime. You love to lay on your back and kick, move your arms, coo and smile and laugh and Mommy and Daddy.

- Your Uncle Sebastian sent you the coolest gift ever - the farm animal activity playmat from Pottery Barn. You love to lay on this and look up at the toys.

- You love to lay in your crib and stare at your mobile! Mommy could leave you in there forever and you are having a ball just talking to your mobile!

-You found your fist and you love to suck on it.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

6 weeks

We went for Hawkins one month check up last week, which was actually a little late because he was almost 6 weeks! He weighed 10 lbs 3 oz and measured 22 1/4 inches! He has gained a full 3 pounds! He got a great report from our favorite doctor, Dr. Jones, and we are so proud of him. The only problem he is having is with is head. He always turns it to his right and lays to his right. I think this is pretty common with newborns, but we don't want any flat heads! The doctor wants us to go to a physical therapist so they can show us how to stretch his neck.

Things Hawkins loves at 6 weeks:

1 - I love to get on my puppy dog play mat and kick, kick, kick.

2 - My swing. I could stay in this all day long.

3 - Bathtime!

4 - My bear hooded towel after bathtime

5 - Strolling in my Bob stroller. My Mommy has been doing this alot to get off her baby weight!

6 - My sleep sheep. It is always on my car seat!

7 - My Honey! She always bring me fun toys and teaches me cool things!

8 - Snoozing with my Daddy

9 - Being with my Mommy all day! She sure is lucky to be able to stay at home with me!

10 -The Miracle Blanket - it is amazing!

Hawkins is cooing and smiling now! He gets on his play mat for play time and kicks his legs and moves his arms and he loves it! He can recognize his Mommy and Daddy and loves to smile at us and follow us with is eyes. He is getting so smart and big!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Hawkins took his first road trip away from home last week! He and I went to Americus and stayed with my parents for a couple of nights. We went shopping downtown and had lots of visitors come meet Hawkins! Robbie joined us on Friday and we headed out to the farm for Labor Day weekend. We relaxed and visited with family and ate alot! All of our stuff barely fit in the car - you have to pack alot for a baby!

Being sweet while my Mom packed for my first road trip!
I think she packed the whole house!
Meeting Miller Anne!
Future girlfriend and boyfriend!

Becky, Miller Anne, Hawkins and me

Laying with my Mommy
Meeting Miss Anne!
Leola holding me again - I love her!

She said I was getting big and strong
At the farm getting for dove season in my shooting onsie!

Mommy is scary without makeup!
With my Daddy before he went dove hunting.
I will get to go soon!
With my Daddy and Big Daddy

With my Big Daddy
We had a great time, but we are happy to be back home and back in our routine! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hawkins first 4 weeks...

Life with a newborn has been busy! I have not posted all the amazing pictures I have been taking over the past 6 weeks of Hawkins' life. Here are some of my favorites from his first month.
My First Week
Snoozing in my bassinet

Week 2

In one of my favorite train outfits!


So sweet

In my FAVORITE hooded towel - my Daddy bought this as soon as he knew I was a boy!

In my swing - I love it!

My blanket from Blake and MC
My first bath!
Holding Daddy's hand

Week 3
Sarah came to visit!

Week 4
Aunt Virginia, Uncle Crisp and Aunt Katie came to visit!
Uncle Crisp gave me a bottle!

4 weeks old

My first lunch out in downtown Thomasville

I snoozed through the whole thing!

Mommy and Daddy's first datenight!

Playing with Beau on my playmat

One month photoshoot by my Mommy

Looking at my Big Daddy

Me and my Big Daddy!

I can hold my head up really well!

Me and my Honey

We are having so much fun! I will try not to get so behind on pictures in the coming months!