Friday, June 29, 2012

Cooler temps

We made it to Cashiers...finally!  It was literally 20 degrees cooler here when we arrived.  I had to put sweatpants and a jacket on Hawkins this morning.  It is wonderful.

The long trip up here is 2 hours shorter now that we start from Americus instead of Thomasville - thankfully, b/c my child HATES riding in the car.  My Mom and I started the trip Sunday - stopped by Newnan to see my grandmother and then on to Atlanta to stay with my sister and do some shopping.  Baby Boy Raybon got a few things :)

Tuesday morning we took Hawkins to Lego Land in Atlanta and he loved it!  He was a little young for most of the stuff, but there were some areas he could play in and get some energy out.  Our hope was for him to take a good nap on the way to Cashiers, but it backfired BIG TIME.  He threw a major temper tantrum at lunch and then again when I tried to put him in the car.  His behavior was enough to put me into early labor - that child is strong!

So...he proceeded to cry 45 into the trip when he finally passed our for a whooping 30 minutes - seriously?  He woke up crying right where he left off as if there were nails in his car seat.  To top all that off we got a little lost and turned our trip into a 3 hour ride!  Yuck.

All that is forgotten now b/c we are here!  Beautiful view, cooler temps and this funny guy to hang out with.

 He loves his Big Daddy's glasses

And he REALLY loves the awesome park in Cashiers.  We have been every day so far.  The only problem is that it is not in the shade at all and it has been pretty hot in the afternoons.

Eating a corn dog!

 Aunt Nina arrives tomorrow and Daddy comes next week - we can't wait!  I hope this heat wave passes quickly so we can put back on our sweatpants!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I don't think I will ever forget this pregnancy or this summer!  The Raybons have just a few things going on...

-I am 19 weeks pregnant and feeling great.  The nausea has subsided and I am finally getting some energy back and working out some.  Some days I feel 35 weeks pregnant - huge and uncomfortable and other days I feel great.  I really can't believe I am almost at the half way mark!

-OH!  I forgot to post that we found out we are having another BOY!  Robbie and I went to have the ultrasound last Monday and had the girl write down boy or girl on a piece of paper.  I took the paper to a friend of mine who makes delicious cakes and she made this for us:

Crisp, Katie and Fleming came to celebrate and we cut into the cake after dinner. 

The blue icing in the middle told us that it's a boy!   Hawkins will have a little brother and best friend.  I am glad these two boys will be so close in age!

-We closed on our house in Thomasville - whoo hoo!  I went last week and packed up our house (with the help of some movers) and left our home for the last time.  It was a little sad b/c I LOVE that house. 

-All of our stuff is in storage and it is driving me CRAZY!  I am always thinking of something that I can't find and wondering where things are.  

-I didn't have time to get things organized before the packers got there, so nothing was cleaned out before it was thrown (literally) in boxes and trash bags.  (The packers were not very organized.)  The best part about moving is purging and I missed that step!  Now all I can think about is UNpacking and purging things then.  That might be awhile away though...

-We have not decided where to live yet.  The housing market in Americus is not too great.  We have looked at so many houses and they all need so much work done to them.  It's frustrating.  

-Meanwhile...we are living with my parents and enjoying every minute.  Honey, Hawkins and me are about to take a little vacation to Cashiers and escape some of this heat.  I am looking forward to it!   

-My baby boy is going to be TWO in July.  How is that possible?  I need to get my act together and organized him a party!