Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gates - one month

This sweet little boy is one month old!

Actually as I type this he is 5 weeks old.  I am not going to lie - the first 4 weeks were pretty tough adjusting to life with 2 children.  I was not ready for it!  You just forget pretty quickly what newborns are like.  Most of them sleep a lot, but Gates decided he liked to be awake and held and that left me with little time to do anything else!  

He has always slept pretty good at night - sleeping long stretches between feedings, but he would not nap during the day!  He just would not fall asleep in his bouncer, swing, nap nanny or bassinet.  Yes, my house is FULL of seats for this newborn.  I was at my wits end until I bought this miracle worker.  He sleeps in his bassinet at night, but loves to nap in this during the day.  It took him a few days to get used to it, but now he takes GREAT naps in it!  

His digestive system was just so tiny that I think he needed to eat a lot and was also really gassy and burpy.  Every day has gotten better as he has learned to eat better and sleep better.  At first he would do really long stretches at night until 4 or 5am!  But now he does 10:30pm until around 3am and then back up around 6 or 6:30am.  I am really ready to sleep through the night, but I can handle this schedule especially since he is giving me a break during the day.  

Doesn't he look JUST like Robbie?  I call him Robbie's mini-me.

At his one month doctor appt he weighed 10 lbs 10 oz and was 22 inches long.  Big boy!

We shockingly got all dressed up and went to church!  I had to take a picture since I am never in front of the camera.  

 It took 3 weeks for Gates' belly button to fall off, so he finally got his first real bath!  Isn't he a cutie?!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hawkins - 28 months

The "Big Brother" needs a post of his own!

Hawkins is 28 months and is doing so much I have to write it all down before I forget.  I know all mothers say this, but he is SO smart.  This stage is so much fun and interactive.  I can actually carry on a conversation with him and he knows most of what I am talking about.

Holidays are especially fun because I can teach him the meanings and he understands!

Hawkins, here are some things you are doing:

-You can say your full ABC's with no help.

-You can count to 20.

-You can say the blessing with help.

-He can name Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the manger scene.

-He loves Ho Ho and Christmas trees.

-You just started a new class at school and you love it.  We know more of the children and you ask to go to your "new class" every morning!

-You still LOVE Thomas the train, Elmo and Cookie Monster.

-I guess we can't put presents under the tree this year b/c you have opened every one that you have found.  Twice you have been left alone in the room with the tree and you have opened a present each time.  Too funny.

My favorite phrases you are saying right now:

"Mommy, what you doing?"

"What that sound, Mommy?"

"What that mean, Mommy?"

"Where Baby Gates?"

"Mommy, hold him" - this means he wants me to pick him up.

"Want Big Daddy" - he says this ALOT.

You are doing SO great with the transition to being a big brother.  You do want more attention and have had some meltdowns, but that is to be expected :)  You love to kiss Gates, give him his paci or a stuffed animal and you always want to hold him.  We are so proud of you!