Friday, February 25, 2011

Hawkins' Christening

Sunday February 20th we celebrated Hawkins' Christening day at Thomasville First United Methodist Church. It was such a special day for us.
I, along with all my siblings and cousins on my Dad's side, wore my Great-Grandfather's Christening gown when we were baptized. I tried to track it down through my cousin, but she told me that it was worn so many times they had to restore it and frame it and it could not be worn anymore.
One of my Mom's friends in Americus graciously offered to hand make a gown for Hawkins as her baby gift. How nice! My Mom bought the beautiful fabric and she made the gown.
She sewed in his full name, birth date and Christening date

We didn't have a room to change in the church so we did it in the car when we got there!

Robbie, Hawkins and me during the ceremony

He was such a sweet boy the whole time!

His favorite babysitter, Lauren, brought him some beautiful flowers!

Our family

A nice couple made this banner for Hawkins, which was displayed in the church

Virginia, Hawkins and me

The whole family - Crisp, me, Hawkins, Dad, Mom, Virginia and Robbie
(Katie was the photographer!)
Hawkins with his Honey and Big Daddy

The church

Such a happy boy!

We had lunch at our home following church. I loved the opportunity to use all of our beautiful wedding china, silver and crystal! It was only our small family, but I wanted it to be nice!

Mom and Dad gave these beautiful flowers in honor of Hawkins at the church and we got to bring them home to enjoy them!

I had mimosa and sweet tea for drinks

Cross cookies

Delicious cake!

We had wild rice and sausage casserole, peas, ham, chicken tetrizini and biscuits.

We are so blessed to be your parents, Hawkins. You are the sweetest happiest little boy and you are a Child of God. This was such a special weekend and we love you.


Guest what I found hiding in Thomasville???? Mother's Morning Out!!!

We are {new} members of the Methodist church and they only have a pre-school program, which Hawkins is already signed up for next year :) Well, someone just informed me that another church has a MMO program that I can take Hawkins to NOW!

It is 2 mornings a week for 3 hours for $5 - yes only $5. Isn't that crazy?! It is totally flexible and you can come and go as you want and you don't have to make any kind of commitment. Only volunteer every 6 weeks to help keep the nursery to keep costs down.

We went for the first time this week and Hawkins loved it. I was really nervous for several reasons - 1) I am a paranoid mother and have a hard time leaving him with anyone, 2) it is during his naptime so I wasn't sure if he would fight his nap and be fussy, 3) he has been the cry baby of our church nursery lately, 4) he is used to being at home with my undivided attention and isn't used to a "nursery" setting, BUT he really did great and seemed to love it.

The ladies said he only fussed when he got hungry and it was time for his bottle and they were fighting over who got to hold him!

I missed him like crazy, but I have to admit it was like therapy for me. We went twice this week and both days I went to the YMCA to work out and run some errands. I don't get a daytime babysitter much, so it is just a rare occasion that I have time to myself to do anything. One day I worked out and then came home to shower and it was weird being at home without Hawkins there! I kept thinking I needed to check the monitor like he was napping. Then today I worked out and then slowly strolled every aisle of Publix in silence and it was wonderful. I had time to scour the sale paper and every item I bought was buy 1 get 1 free. I was so proud I made Robbie look at my receipt so he would be proud of me too :)

I practically run to pick him up b/c I have missed him so much, but it is so great to have a few hours to myself. The best part is I really like the place and trust the ladies. It is so clean and new and the ladies are all grandmothers who just want to spoil babies - perfect!

Thank you Lord for showing me MMO and we will be back next week!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beautiful weather in South Georgia!

I cannot believe it has been in the mid 70's this week! It has been so nice. I am NOT ready for the hot summer, but these temps have been perfect. Hawkins and I got outside yesterday for playtime and he had the best time! He loves being outdoors.

He also loves to watch Beau and Lady!

Sitting up like a big boy!

He didn't quite know what to think about the grass...

I have always had a special bond with Hawkins ever since he was born, but I have felt that bond grow stronger and stronger recently. He is getting attached to me and really knows who I am. He reaches for me now and it melts my heart every single time.
We spend so much time together and this age has proved to be so much fun. He interacts and laughs with me. It is such a blessing to stay home with him and have these precious moments every day. I would not change it for the world, even on hard days (like a no nap day!).
I can't even explain the feelings a Mother has for her child. I am pretty selfish most of the time, but not when it comes to Hawkins. I would sacrifice anything and do anything for him. He and Robbie are my whole life.

He loves his feet!

I don't know what this face means, but it is funny!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Traveling with baby

I learned alot from flying with Hawkins to Punta Cana. First and for most - buy alot of ziploc bags :)

We flew Delta, so I checked their website and called them several times to make sure I was aware of there policies of traveling with an infant. They do allow formula, breast milk and baby food on the plane. We got to go through a separate line for security and we got to board the plane first. We took the BOB stroller and strolled all the way to the gate and "gate checked" it there. They gave us a little ticket and it was waiting for us right when we got off the plane. Pretty cool and convenient!

I don't know how anyone could fly with an infant alone. I had my husband and 5 other family members! My Dad did not take a carry on so that he could help us carry stuff. I had a carry on, my purse AND a diaper bag (Hawkins was technically allowed a diaper bag). If I was alone there is no way I could have carried him plus 2 bags, but b/c I had some extra hands this worked out.

I am always paranoid that my bags will get lost, so Robbie's carry-on was strictly clothes, milk and items we would need "just in case". It was stored in the overhead compartment and not intended to be opened on the plane.

In my purse I had our passports and my usual purse stuff. In the diaper bag was what I needed quickly and close to me - such as his baby food for breakfast and lunch, toys, burp clothes, wet and dry paper towels, hand sanitizer, face wipes, etc. In my carry on was more toys and more "extra" things.

I had separate ziploc bags for EVERYTHING. One was labeled "breakfast" and had his food and a disposable spoon - same for lunch. One bag had wet paper towels in it (that really came in handy!) and on had dry ones (which I never used). One for passports, several for formula and extra food, etc.

I nursed Hawkins on the plane, so I didn't have to worry about bottles. (I did have one bottle fixed just in case he was distracted and didn't want to nurse.) Luckily he did great and I did not have to use the bottle. I forgot my nursing cover (sigh...), so we had to improvise with a blanket. I sat in the window seat and Robbie sat next to me and held up the blanket. I felt completely comfortable b/c he was covering me. If I was alone I would have felt uncomfortable nursing in public like that.

The flight there Hawkins did great. He took 2 little naps and stayed with us in the seat the whole time. There was no changing table on the plane (which needs to be added I think!), so we just laid him across our 2 laps and quickly changed it right there in our seats. Of course Hawkins had a dirty diaper as soon as we took off :) Thanks buddy.

The flight home was another story. He was really fussy and would not sleep. I nursed him several times and he would doze off momentarily. We walked him up and down the aisles and did the best we could, but it was not fun.

Overall, it was not too bad b/c I felt very prepared. It just takes some planning ahead with the timing of his schedule and having everything you need (diapers, milk, food, etc).

Good luck and let me know if you have any specific questions!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Punta Cana Trip - 2

Scroll down or click here for my Punta Cana Trip 2 post. It took me so long to write it I had it in my drafts forever and it got pushed down behind other posts. Enjoy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Reaching for me!

Hawkins lifted his arms and reached for his Mama today!

I have been waiting SIX months for this and I am so happy!!!

Now, let's just see if he will do it for his Daddy tonight...

Pass the Kleenex!

Hawkins has had a runny/stuffy nose for a week now!

Can anyone with teething experience tell me if this is a symptom?

I know a little runny nose, a low grade fever, drooling, etc are all tell-tale signs of teething, but this is ridiculous. If I didn't have the nasal aspirator from the hospital I don't know what I would do. For all mother-to-be's out there - take it home with you from the hospital!

He ran a low fever one night this week, but not since then. He is been eating pretty well, but sometimes he does not want to nurse.

Why do babies refuse to let you suction their nose? He cries and squirms like I never thought possible. He even cries at the sight of the aspirator! I hope this is over soon so he can breathe again and sleep uninterrupted.

We are in Americus recuperating. Hawkins said he wanted to be with his Honey so she could baby him while he is sick :)

More Punta Cana trip posts coming soon as I can get home to add pictures!

Have a great weekend.

p.s. how do you like the new blog format???

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Things have been a little crazy in our household. Last Friday Robbie's brother, Bryan, got some devastating news.

He has been diagnosed with a very rare form of lymphoma - Mantle Cell Blastoid Lymphoma. This all happened so suddenly and has really shaken up the family to say the least.

Bryan has consulted with doctors at Emory and will begin chemo treatment there next week. This is an aggressive cancer and will need to be treated aggressively. I pray for the doctors and nurses that will treat him - that they give him the best care possible and heal him.

Please keep Bryan in your thoughts and prayers as he processes all of this information and begins to fight this cancer. He has a long tough road ahead of him.

You can read updates here:

Monday, February 7, 2011

6 months!

Dear Hawkins,

I am a few days behind on your 6 month post, because we were out of town - actually out of the country! You had a big half birthday celebration in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! How cool is that?
You are doing so many new things at this age - it is truly unbelievable. I really never thought about my little baby growing up and going through all of these stages, but it is happening before my eyes. You are so smart and strong.

Here is what you are doing at 6 months:
- You are sitting up by yourself! This is right on time and probably your biggest accomplishment right now. You eased into sitting up by practicing with Mommy or Daddy supporting you, and in no time you were doing it on your own. Now you reach and grab your toys and play sitting up just like a big boy. You have great balance and can correct yourself if you start leaning to one side.

-You have started to pull your knees underneath you when you are on your stomach, but no crawling yet...I have a feeling it will be soon though!

-Just in the past couple of days you "bounce" when you get your knees underneath you.

-I have started letting you play in your playpen and you love it. Your Baby Einstein fish music player is attached so you look at that and play with your toys.

You can roll around and flip over to your hearts desire, and I feel comfortable knowing you are safe in an enclosed area.

I also think it is good for you to learn how to play by yourself some. Don't worry - if you don't want to play alone and want my attention you do not hesitate to let me know! It also allows me to get a few things accomplished around the house :)

-You still love your Baby Einstein DVD's - Baby Mozart and Baby Beethoven. I only let you watch them once or maybe twice a day.

-You sit in your excersaucer and are glued to the TV the whole time. It's not too bad b/c you play with your toys while learning and listening to the music...and once again I can get a few things done!

-You have been eating rice and oatmeal cereal for one month now and incorporating stage 1 baby foods. You have loved every single type of food and have not rejected anything yet!

-You started out eating in your bumbo, but now have moved to the high chair. We have the portable high chair that attaches to a chair and that is working great for now. We might not even buy a real high chair if it keeps going well.

-You love to eat! You smile and laugh the whole time and get impatient if we feed you too slow!

-We thought you were allergic to alot of the baby foods because you broke out in a rash a few times, but after a trip to the doctor we discovered you have eczema. We switched your soap to plain Dove bar soap from Johnson's baby wash and we coat you in aquafor and prescription hydrocatozone cream every night. It has gotten much better now that we know what the problem is!

Weight: 16 lbs and 10 oz (50th percentile)

Height: 27 inches (75th percentile)

Head: 17.5 inches (75th percentile)

Punta Cana trip - 2

The second day (Friday) we woke up to the most beautiful site looking off the 1st floor porch. You can see the sun rising against the ocean through the palm trees - all while sipping a delicious cup of coffee.

Then we moved to the 1st floor back porch for breakfast. The cook, Cassilla, would whip up whatever you wanted! We all ended up getting the same thing every morning - pancakes and scrambled eggs. The eggs were from chickens that lived wild behind the house. They live off corn and grass and the eggs were so fresh and natural. Oh, and the orange juice was fresh squeezed each morning from oranges that grow in the back yard. Wow!
We went for a walk after breakfast so that Hawkins could take a nap (and we could walk off all the food!). The road the house was on was the perfect place to walk. Beautiful houses and beautiful weather. The house is in the same neighborhood as Oscar de la Renta's and Julio Iglesis'!!!!!!!!!
This is Robbie pushing Hawkins down the driveway to the road.

Beautiful flowers we saw along the way...

Then we hit the pool. This was Hawkins' first dip in the pool and water was cold! He did not like it! It took some persuading and lots of singing by Mommy to slowly inch him in the water and get him used to it - then he loved it!

Honey brought this intertube and he just lounged in the water.

Yes, this is just the pool house!

Before we knew it lunch was served, and it was back to the 1st floor front porch to eat. This was my favorite place to be b/c the breeze was wonderful and the view was breathtaking. We were casual in our bathing suits, but the staff set a beautiful table and served us like it was a fancy dinner!
(Lunch pics will be in the next post...)
Then we took the golf cart to check out the nearby resort.

This was probably the only time Hawkins was ever put down :)

Hawkins and Uncle Crisp

Friday afternoon we went down to the beach! Hawkins did a face plant into the sand in about 2 minutes and had a rough introduction to the beach!

Big Daddy and Hawkins

After he calmed down from the sand all over his face he loved it!

That evening Hawkins joined us for cocktails before his nighttime bottle. Mommy gave it to him and he went right to sleep!

Honey and Big Daddy

Crisp and Katie

Aunt Nina and Hawkins
For dinner we had soup, lobster, roasted potatoes, and green beans.


Homemade vanilla ice cream!