Monday, September 29, 2014

August recap

We survived the first few weeks of August with no school and the temperatures reaching an all time high.  We spent a lot of time at the pool and at the YMCA :)  

Gates go to know his baby cousin, James Crisp.  

He even helped give him a bottle (and wanted some for himself!)

 School started - yay!  Hawkins (and Mommy) completed his "all about me" poster for his 4K class

Hawkins got a new big boy booster car seat!

One Saturday we went to the outdoor Market in Albany and the boys had their first snow cone.  Then we took a quick trip to the Riverquarium.  

 They even touched a snake!

 One of the local churches in town got a new INDOOR playground!  It is awesome!

Newsflash:  Gates is all boy.  He loves tractors.  

Robbie and I went to Beaver Creek for a wedding and the boys went to stay with my parents in Cashiers.  We were all happy for cooler weather!  

We were really excited for a fun trip and some time away.   I have never been to such a small wedding. It was about 90 people and we spent the whole weekend with them - it was so fun!  The weather would change drastically - hot during the day and cold at night or all of a sudden start raining.  We shopped, drank coffee and took lots of naps :)  

Rehearsal Dinner:


Hawkins and Gates were having fun in the mountains!

Eating smores with celebrities :)  (James Farmer)  

On the way back home we stopped in Newnan to visit with Dee

We had a great August, but we are ready for cooler weather!!!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back to school

Hawkins started 4-K this year and Gates is in the 1 year old class

 I may be behind on posting pictures, but at least these 2 guys are cute!  Hawkins is excited about going to school, but Gates…not so much.  Gates' teachers say he never cries at school - not a single tear all day long, but man oh man he does cry when I drop him off.  He is a Mama's boy.

4-K is serious school!  Hawkins has homework and everything!  They learn a different letter each week and homework is due on Wednesday.  He has to cut something out of a magazine (himself) that starts with the letter they are studying.  Friday is show and tell and the toy they bring also has to start with that letter.  So far so good, but things might get tricky when we get to q and z :)  

I hope my boys have a great 2014-2015 school year!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hawkins - 4 years old

Dear my sweet baby boy,

I can't even believe I am writing this post.  How can you be four years old?!

You have grown into the biggest boy.  It sounds so cliche, but I swear you where still a baby when I had Gates - then I turned my head and you turned into a big boy!

You have lost your sweet baby cheeks and you have outgrown loving Mickey Mouse, but you are still my baby.  You are stubborn and can be very manipulative to get your way, but then turn around and tell me I am "the most beautiful girl in the world".  Melt my heart.  You also love to tell me "You are the best Mommy in the world."

Three and four are tough ages.  I love that you are old and smart enough for me to have a conversation with, but you can also talk back to me!  We still do time-outs and even "go to your room" when you act up, and try to save spankings for really bad things.  Parenting is not easy!

You just started the 4 year old class at Covanent.  They call this "real" school and you even have homework!  Gasp.  You don't love to sit still and do work like that, but we are practicing.

At 4 years old:

You are the most outgoing person I know! 

You can write your name.

You know your numbers 1 - 30 on flashcards (not in order).

You have been potty trained for well over a year.

You love to snuggle.

You love when I pull sheets or towels out of the dryer and cuddle up in the "warm things".  

You switched from Jake and the Neverland Pirates to Ironman and Ninja Turtles.

You do not like to share with your brother.

You would rather snack all day than eat meals.

You are a negotiator.

You weigh 42 lbs and are all muscle.

You wear 4t clothes and size 10.5 shoes.  

You do not nap anymore and you go to bed around 8pm.

You do a short quiet time when Gates take a nap.  

You have been sleeping on the floor between your two beds…I have no idea why!  

You LOVE your "Bo Bo"  

I just have to include this picture...