Wednesday, March 25, 2015

January happenings

I am so behind posting that I might as well just post some pictures so I'll at least SEE what happened in our lives :)

Playing at the Sherwood playground

Gates loves to read books!

Two cutest boys I know!

Loves loves loves his gaga!  

Robbie and Stan took Hawkins and Jennings to the farm one Saturday 
and this is what I get a picture of....

Gates and James Crisp

We've been playing a lot of cards lately...he beats me every time

Two boys and their vehicles

Breakfast in bed with Mommy

Pajama Day at school

I want to remember this forever...Beau snapped at Hawkins hand so Hawkins was crying - Gates gave him his gaga (BIG deal) and held his hand.  Sweetest moment!

"Fixing" the dryer with his wrench

Basketball trophy!

We got our baby fix with our nephew Luke!

It's amazing how occupied they were with a big empty box!


Playdate at Sherwood!
Bowen, Carlisle, Fort and Gates

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